Richard Todd (LLB 2020)

Richard ToddHaving worked for one of the biggest herbs and spice companies in the world for the past 10 years, my work experience had always been practical, laboratory based, and science orientated. I wanted my career progression to be more business orientated and identified that I wanted to study an undergraduate degree that would develop my business and commercial awareness further. I was looking for a program that would give me a solid foundation for a career in a broad business direction, whether in management, law, business, project management or any other commercial route within the company that I worked for.

The part time law degree was the perfect choice to support my career growth into a variety of different areas within the FMCG sector. I discovered that a law degree is not purely to become a solicitor or barrister but supports and enhances a variety of career opportunities which we see in most businesses and companies around us. I quickly recognised that the area of food law, regulations and international trade compliance would be a fantastic career choice to merge my education and work experience over the past 15 years. Studying law at Buckingham made this possible and helped me realise this career direction.

Food products need to comply with country specific regulations, which differ throughout the world. Product developers in the FMCG sector also need to be aware of international trade compliance, awareness of customer contracts and other commercial matters. I found that the law degree, enabled me to navigate these areas confidently.

Throughout the degree, I developed valuable transferable skills, from critical analysis of complex commercial scenarios, to problem solving employment issues. My communication and presentation techniques improved which subsequently improved my workplace confidence. All these key attributes that are applicable to any industry.

The recognition to working full time and completing a law degree in my free time was also highly regarded. This certainly supported and showed my career aspirations which helped me identify myself within senior management. As soon as I graduated from Buckingham, I was offered a position into a global function and I am particularly excited to explore the future career and study options which have come about since I finished studying in 2020.

This programme has by far been the best career choice I have made, even coming from a science-based career. Although there were many late nights sitting in the library, those are now the memories I miss most, and I loved being a part of The University of Buckingham.