When you arrive

Have you confirmed your offer with Buckingham? If so, great! It’s time to start planning what to do when you arrive at Buckingham.

  1. When to arrive
  2. What do I need to bring with me?
  3. What happens during my arrival slot?
  4. Move into your accommodation
  5. Getting started with IT
  6. Arriving early to self-isolate
  7. Join the conversation

When to arrive?

The UK government has announced that students should not travel to University campuses at this current time. You can find more details on this on our Covid-19 FAQ pages. To minimise uncertainty, all of our courses will be offered online for the entirety of the Winter Term 2021. The Students’ Union will be holding virtual events during this period to help you meet other students and have fun.

If you need to arrive on campus during the Winter Term and have completed your online registration, you will need to attend an arrival session. This is where we will check your passport (and visa/residence permit if applicable) and issue you with your student ID card. You will need this card in order to access any University facilities.

Please email registry@buckingham.ac.uk as soon as possible before your arrival/at the end of any self-isolation period required so that we can book you an appointment to visit the Registry team who can be found at Istra Cottages, Hunter Street, Buckingham, MK18 1EG.

*Crewe Campus and MBChB arrivals may differ


What do I need to bring with me?

Please bring the following to your arrival slot:

  • Your passport
  • Your study visa
  • Your offer
  • Your original qualifications


What happens during my arrival slot?

Document checking

For EU and international students, copies of your original qualifications and passport will be taken. The Student Visa Office will talk to you regarding your immigration status and Biometric Residence Permit.


Student ID card

For all students (UK, EU and International), you will have the opportunity to collect your student ID card. Please keep your uCard with you at all times so you can access all the buildings and facilities on campus. If you will be studying remotely, you will be able to collect your ID card in your second or subsequent terms depending on when you decide to return to study on campus. If you require proof of enrolment for any purpose including but not limited to council tax, opening a bank account, travel, please email registry@buckingham.ac.uk with your requirements and we will send you a PDF of your letter.


Move into your accommodation

The Accommodation Team will be ready to provide you with your keys (if you have selected on-campus accommodation). If you do not have your own transport, there will also be staff available to show you to your room and assist with luggage.

Please note it is not possible to receive your keys before your arrival day unless you will be self-isolating (see below). If you plan to travel to Buckingham early, you will need to make your own arrangements. If you have any questions regarding accommodation please have a look at our accommodation pages.

Getting started with IT

As a member of the University, you have your own personal account. This account gives you access to the WiFi, your University emails, the online library resources and your online learning environment (the space where you can access resources and submit assignments). You can find out everything you need to know about logging in to your account, as well as other useful IT information, here.

Arriving early to self-isolate

The British Government requires arrivals in the UK to self-isolate for 14 days if arriving from certain countries. Only countries on the list below are exempt from the 14 day self-isolate period:


This list is regularly updated so please ensure you are aware of any self-isolation requirements before you depart.

Should you need to self-isolate for 14 days and have chosen to live in University accommodation, you may be able to self-isolate in your accommodation (if your visa terms allow). It is likely that this room will be based on your personal choices and will be the one you will live in for the duration of your accommodation contract. There is a small chance you may be required to change room after your self-isolate period.

If you need to arrive early to self-isolate please ensure you contact accommodation@buckingham.ac.uk by Monday 21st December to make arrangements to arrive early. Arrangements have been made for students required to self-isolate to arrive on either Monday 28th December or Sunday 3rd January. Further information on moving into accommodation early can be found here https://www.buckingham.ac.uk/life/accommodation/livingon/howtoapply.

Please do not attend campus for any reason if you are required to self-isolate and have not yet self-isolated for 14 days.


Induction Events

Each School will hold their own induction event to welcome you to the University. Induction Events will take place virtually and you will receive an invitation from your School of Study.


I will be studying online. Do I still need to attend an arrival day?

No. If you will be studying remotely for your first term, you will not need to attend an arrival day. Your School of Study will send you information regarding your timetable for the Winter term. You will be able to collect your ID card during your second or subsequent terms depending on when you decide to return to study on campus.


Join the conversation

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