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It’s not too late to change your mind. Sometimes your choice of university doesn’t work out. But you don’t have to stick it out if you find where you’re studying is not for you. Take control of your future by switching to the university that’s right for you.

Why switch to the University of Buckingham?

Transferring to us as an undergraduate is easier than you think. Every year students move from one university to another for a variety of reasons. If you’re one of those wishing to explore this, we’ll give you the very best advice to support you in your choices.

Home of the two-year degree

Finish the same time or sooner as you would have done. Our two-year degree means that you could graduate more quickly with an honours degree than if you had stayed at another University.

Flexible start (January / September)

We offer January or September starts. With over 40 years’ experience of supporting transfer students, we’ll do our utmost to guide you through the transfer.

Top teaching quality and student satisfaction

You will benefit from our interactive small class sizes, top quality teaching and highly praised student support. See our national rankings.

1st in UK for Teaching Excellence (Times Higher Education metrics ranking, 2017)    Top 4 for student-staff ratio

How to transfer

Contact us as soon as you can if you are considering a transfer. Transfers are normally available in January or September entry each year but other dates may be available.

Please complete the form below and one of our team will get back in touch.

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