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When you arrive

If you’re a new student coming to study with us, here are the first steps you need to take when you arrive. There will also be plenty of support and social events to help you with settling in.

  1. Register with the University
  2. Register with a local doctor
  3. Get your login details for university IT services, including wifi
  4. Move into your accommodation
  5. International students: Open a local bank account

1. Register with the University

You need to register to officially become a student of the University.

When to register

Registration for January 2019 start:

Thursday 17 January 9am – 5pm

Friday 18 January 9am – 4pm

Please make every effort to arrive during the requested time slot. Please allow 2 hours to complete the registration process.

Where to register

Registration takes place in the Chandos Road Building, Station Road – check our campus map to help you find your way around the University.

What to bring

You should bring with you:

  • your passport
    • if you are a non-UK applicant it should show the appropriate visa
  • or your EU identity card (if you are an EU citizen other than UK)

If we have not already received your original academic certificates, transcripts, references and your English Language certificate, we will need to see these at registration. See Confirming Your Offer.

Unless these requirements are fulfilled it may not be possible for you to register. At registration you will be photographed for your student ID card.

Student welfare

We are committed to supporting all of our students in achieving your potential. The Student Welfare team will be on hand at registration to meet and support you.

If you have a disability or specific learning difficulty, such as dyslexia, and have not already informed us in your application, you should inform the Student Welfare team as soon as possible.

Even if your disability or learning difficulty is mild, we can let you know what additional support is available. This can include additional arrangements for exams or additional learning support sessions.

For more information, or to contact the team, see Student Welfare.

Student uCard

You will receive your student uCard at Registration. This identifies you as a current student and gives you access to university facilities. You should keep your uCard with you wherever you go on campus.

2. Register with a local doctor

All full-time students are required to register with a local doctor. The University medical advisors are The Swan Practice, in Buckingham.

The Swan Practice hold daily appointments in Student Welfare during term time. An opportunity to sign on with our University doctor is available during registration day. Late arrivals may obtain forms from Student Welfare or from the Swan Practice’s North End Surgery.

If you are an EU or International student, please read our guidance on Health and Medical Care in the UK.

Please read the NHS guidance regarding flu to make you aware of symptoms and when to ask for help.

3. Get your login details for university IT services, including wifi

Once you have registered, your university IT account will be created automatically. To pick up your login details, head to the IT Helpdesk at Norton House, Hunter Street (see Campus MapsGoogle Maps). You will need to bring your student uCard to show you are a current student.

You will be provided with a temporary password, user guide, and IT Terms & Conditions. It may take up to 15 minutes after registration before you can sign in.

Please note: you will need to change your password before you are able to connect to the university wifi. You can change your password by logging into a university computer (e.g. in the Hunter Street Library), or if you have mobile data, by logging into the university webmail on your phone.

Your university account gives you access to our computing facilities, including email, Moodle virtual learning environment (VLE), Library resources and Wireless Internet Access (WIA).

For more information, see IT services.

4. Move into your accommodation

The Accommodation Office is also at Norton House (near to the IT Helpdesk). The team will be ready to provide you with your keys. There will be staff available to show you to your room and assist with luggage.

Please note it is not possible to receive your keys before registration. If you plan to travel to Buckingham before registration day, you will need to make your own arrangements.

For more information about moving in to your accommodation, please see Accommodation Arrival FAQs.

5. International students: Open a local bank account

British banks have special procedures for international students, details of which can be found at the UKCISA website.

Banks are required by law to see identification and proof of registration on your course. For example, Natwest have confirmed their procedure as follows. You will need to show them:

  1. A letter from the University confirming:
    • Your UK address, whether in a hall of residence or privately arranged
    • Your course title
    • The duration of your course
    • Your date of birth
  2. Your passport. If you require a visa to live in the UK, its validity should end no earlier than the end date of your course.

Other banks have generally similar procedures, sometimes also wishing to record your permanent address overseas, which isn’t usually a problem. However, students should be aware that some banks also require the University to confirm that it has corresponded with that address, which can be a problem if the application was made from elsewhere.

The bank will usually open an account that will allow you to make payments by electronic transfer, standing order or cash withdrawal. But they will not generally provide a chequebook or overdraft facility. Some banks also offer debit cards such as Solo, which are a convenient method of paying university fees (generally free of bank charges).

Opening a bank account before registration

Generally this isn’t possible, because the University will not be able to provide the confirmation letter referred to above. The only exception is if you meet the conditions for opening an offshore account with a UK bank. For example, National Westminster maintains offshore accounts at its Isle of Man branch. If you are interested in this option, please contact the Student Fees Office. They will be pleased to pass your request to the local manager who will then contact you.

6. Join the conversation on social media

We will be posting students news and events regularly on our social media channels so make sure you follow @UniofBuckingham on Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook and Twitter to stay in the loop.

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