Alumni Groups

The Alumni Relations Office welcomes the formation of Alumni Groups with the aim of connecting University of Buckingham alumni who are based in the same geographical region or who share a particular interest.
Alumni Groups are run by alumni, (in connection with the University), for the purpose of networking, socialising and career advancement. This may be through organised events, informal meetings or social media.

Official Alumni Groups

Below is a list of our existing official Alumni Groups. If you are interested in joining a Group or finding out more about their activity, please email them directly at the address provided.

University of Buckingham Malaysian Alumni Association
Area of focus: Malaysia
Email address: TBC

University of Buckingham Nigerian Alumni Association
Area of focus: Nigeria
Email address:

University of Buckingham Chinese Alumni Group
Area of focus: China
Email address:

If you have any questions about the above information, please email us at

How to become an official Alumni Group

To become an officially recognised Alumni Group, you will need to read our guidelines and submit an application form. If your application is successful, you will be required to sign a Terms, Expectations and Standards document as an agreement with the University.
Official Groups are able to use the University’s name and logo, they will work collaboratively with the Alumni Relations Office and will be advertised throughout the year across a number of University platforms.

Please see below a copy of our guidelines for the creation and running of Alumni Groups, as well as the application form.

Application forms must be completed after the guidelines have been read carefully, and should be submitted via email to