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Publication of the week: Barry DiGregorio et al.

David H. Krinsley, Barry DiGregorio, Ronald I. Dorn, Josh Razink & Robert Fisher, “Mn-Fe-enhancing budding bacteria in century-old rock varnish, Erie Barge Canal, New York”, Journal of Geology (March 2017) A new paper published in the Journal of Geology by … Read more >

Graduation 2017

Students and their families are coming from all four corners of the world to celebrate Graduation at Buckingham. Five new Honorary Graduates have been named by the University and they will have their honours conferred on them during the Graduation … Read more >

Publication of the week: Omar Al Okashi, Hongbo Du and Hisham Al-Assam

Omar Al Okashi, Hongbo Du and Hisham Al-Assam, “Automatic spine curvature estimation from X-ray images of a mouse model”, Journal of Computer Methods and Programs in Biomedicine 140 (March 2017), 175–184. DOI: 10.1016/j.cmpb.2016.12.010. Automatic segmentation and quantification of skeletal structures … Read more >

Buckingham shortlisted for Whatuni Student Choice Awards 2017

The University of Buckingham has been shortlisted for the Whatuni Student Choice Awards 2017 in the Course and Lecturers Category. Buckingham is one of ten to make the shortlist in the Course and Lecturers Category, which it has been shortlisted … Read more >

Publication of the week: Dr Nicholas Cambridge

Nicholas Cambridge, “Sewage Treatment” (paper given at Sewerage and Health Symposium to celebrate the 125th anniversary of the death of Sir Joseph Bazalgette), William Shipley Group for RSA History Occasional Paper 31 (2017), 21-59. ISBN: 978-1-326-93445-3. Read the paper In … Read more >

Talk by Dr Hisham Al-Assam at the U3A Science & Technology Group Meeting

Dr Hisham Al-Assam was invited to give a talk at the Buckingham U3A Science & Technology Group Meeting, The Royal Latin School, Buckingham, on 1 March 2017. The aim of the talk titled “Machine Learning – Current and Future Applications” … Read more >

Buckingham welcomes wider scale fast-track degrees

The University of Buckingham, which pioneered two-year degrees when it set up just over 40 years ago, welcomes the introduction of fast-track degrees on a wider scale as an incentive for innovation and diversity. Buckingham has been recognised as a … Read more >

No light at the end of the tunnel

University of Buckingham archaeologist David Jacques says a tunnel near Stonehenge will have “dreadful consequences” for the World Heritage site. In a submission to the government a group of academics, including Mr Jacques, claim the tunnel approach will be a … Read more >

Interview with Professor Pauline Found

Dr Toni Whitehead interviewed Professor Pauline Found about creating and releasing the Shingo prize winning book Staying Lean – Thriving, Not Just Surviving which was co-authored with Professor Peter Hines. Click here to see part 1 of the interview: Lean … Read more >

Students use Dickens artefacts

Students from the University of Buckingham are the first ever to examine hundreds of thousands of unseen artefacts, some of which may have belonged to Charles Dickens. They are students on the English Department’s new MA in Dickens Studies by … Read more >

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