Quality Handbook

This Quality Handbook provides academic and administrative staff with an essential summary of the main quality assurance procedures in place at the University of Buckingham. It includes the key procedures and guidance for the approval of new and revised taught academic provision, the annual and periodic review of programmes, the external examining procedures and Code of Practice, information on collecting student feedback and good practice and enhancement.

  1. Introduction  (Contents)
    1. Quality Handbook Contents (PDF)
    2. Introductory Pages for the Quality Assurance Office (PDF)
    3. Quality Assurance Briefings for Staff (PDF)
  2. Programme and Module Development and Approval
    1. New Programme and Module Approval Procedure – Guidance Notes and Procedure (PDF)
    2. New Programmes and Modules Flowchart (PDF)
    3. Templates, Forms and Checklists
      1. Business Case Template for New Programmes (Word)
      2. Employer Consultation Form New Programme (Word)
      3. Programme Specification Template (PDF)
      4. Module Specification Template (Word)
      5. Module Mapping Template (Excel)
      6. Assessment Matrix template (Excel)
      7. Calendar Entry Grid Undergraduate (Word)
      8. Calendar Entry Grids_Masters Entries (Word)
      9. Approval Checklist – New Programmes (Word)
      10. Approval Checklist for New Modules on Existing Programmes (PDF)
      11. 2.3.11 External Review and Response Form (Excel)
  3. Changing Programmes and Modules
    1. Changes to Programmes and Modules_Procedure and Guidance Notes (PDF)
    2. Changes to Programmes and Modules Flowchart (PDF)
    3. Templates and Forms
      1. Approval of Changes Request Form (Word)
      2. Summary Curriculum Report for SLTC, Board, ULTC (Word)
  4. Annual Programme and Module Monitoring
    1. Annual Programme and Module Monitoring Procedure (PDF)
    2. Annual Programme and Module Monitoring Flowchart (PDF)
    3. Templates and Forms
      1. Module Annual Monitoring Template (PDF)
      2. Programme Annual Monitoring Template (Word)
      3. Annual Monitoring School Overview Report (Word)
    4. Appendices
      1. Example Module Monitoring Report Template (PDF)
      2. Accessing_the_Module_Monitoring_Report_Template (PDF)
  5. Quinquennial Programme Review
    1. Quinquennial Review Procedure (PDF)
    2. Templates and Forms
      1. QQR Template for Review Organisation (Word)
      2. QQR Agenda Template for Sub-Committee Meetings 2016 (Word)
      3. QQR Template for Programme Reports (Word)
      4. QQR Template for School Overview Report (Word)
      5. QQR Template for External Panel Meeting (Word)
      6. QQR Template for External Panel Report to Senate (Word)
      7. QQR Template for School Action Plan (Word)
      8. QQR Template for Comparative Analysis of Reviews (Word)
    3. Appendices
      1. QQR Student Representative Guidelines (PDF)
  6. Closure of Programmes
    1. Closure of Programme Procedure (PDF)
    2. Forms
      1. Closure of Programmes Forms (Word)
  7. External Examining
    1. External Examiners Code of Practice (PDF)
    2. External Examiner Nomination & Approval Form (Word)
    3. External Examiners Annual Report and Response Form (Excel)
    4. External Examiner Moderation Form (Excel)
    5. Current Staff as External Examiners (PDF)
  8. Student Representation and Feedback
    1. National Student Survey_Overview (PDF)
    2. Student Representative Handbook (PDF)
    3. 8.3 Student Voice Policy (Word)
  9. Good Practice and Enhancement
    1. Good Practice Guide for Staff (PDF)
  10. Published Information Policy
    1. Published Information Policy (PDF)
  11. Glossary and Calendar
    1. Glossary and Abbreviations (PDF)
    2. Quality Assurance Calendar (PDF)