School of Humanities

Studying the Humanities is sometimes falsely characterised as a type of indulgence – ‘consumption’ in the language of economists rather than ‘investment’. Even by the narrowly utilitarian standards of modern discourse, however, this view is mistaken. The market rate of return to a trained and ‘humane mind’ is probably much higher than is commonly supposed. The skills developed from studying the humanities – clarity and precision of language, knowledge of cultural evolution and historical change, the ability to communicate with others and to construct clear lines of argument – are of the greatest importance for all kinds of worldly success. “The light of all humane minds is perspicuous words”, asserted Thomas Hobbes. The development of “humane minds” remains the ultimate objective of Buckingham’s School of Humanities; but, where appropriate, assisting students to pursue their future career goals is also of central importance.

The School of Humanities has the largest number of students of all the schools at Buckingham, and spreads across the widest range of subjects from Economics to Literature, Military History and Decorative Arts. If you have ever considered studying an Arts or Economics degree, with small group teaching, students from around 80 countries, and flexible study options, then follow the links on the left for more information.

Open Days

For further information about courses in Humanities, or to arrange a visit, please email us or telephone +44 (0)1280 820369.