Research Degrees Handbook

The following files are available to download:

1.1 Introduction to Research Awards

2.1 Introduction to General Regulations for Research Awards
2.2 General Regulations for Higher Doctorates
2.3 General Regulations for Doctorates by Published Work
2.4 General Regulations for Research Doctorates and Masters
2.4b Grade Descriptors for MA by Research/ MSc by Research in Science and Medicine/ LLM by research
2.5 Special Programme Regulations for Research Awards

Part A – New Research Programme Approval
3A.1 New Research Programme Approval Procedure
3A.1.1 Business Case Template
3A.1.2 Approval Checklist – New Research Programmes

Part B – Admissions and Recruitment
3B.1 Admissions and Recruitment Procedure
3B.1.1 Application for Admission as a Postgraduate Student
3B.1.2 Checklist for Registration of a Research Student

Part C – Roles, Responsibilities and Induction for Research Staff and Students
3C.1 Roles, Responsibilities and Induction for Research Staff and Students
3C.1.1 Supervisor Workload Monitoring Form

Part D – Supervision and Studying
3D.1 Supervision and Studying Policy and Procedure

Part E – Terms of Study
3E.1 Terms of Study for Research Policy and Procedure
3E.1.1 Application for Extension of Time

Part F – Learning Resources
3F.1 Learning Resources – Guidance for Students

Part G – Progress Monitoring and Transfers
3G.1 Progress Monitoring and Transfer Policy and Procedure
3G.1.1 Progress Report to Research Committee Template
3G.1.2 Transfer from MSc/MA/LLM to MPhil/DPhil Meeting Report Form

Part H – Annual Reviews and Upgrades
3H.1 Annual Reviews and Upgrades Policy and Procedure
3H.1.1 Guidelines and Report Form for the Annual Review

Part I – Academic Misconduct
3I.1 Academic Misconduct Guidance for Research Students

Part J – Training and Development
3J.1 Training and Development Guidance for Research Students
3J.1.1 Postgraduate Research Student Conference Fund

Part K – Student Feedback and Representation
3K.1 Research Student Feedback and Representation Policy
3K.1.1 Postgraduate Feedback Questionnaire

Part L – Submission of Thesis/Dissertation
3L.1 Submission of Thesis Dissertation Policy and Procedure
3L.1.1 Rules for the Format of Theses
3L.1.2 Notice of Intention to Submit a Thesis for a Higher Degree

Part M – External Examining and Vivas
3M.1 External Examining and Vivas Policy and Procedure
3M.1.1 External Examiners Nomination and Approval Form – Higher Degrees and Research Masters Degrees
3M.1.2 Instructions to Examiners for Higher Degrees
3M.1.3 Report on Thesis Submitted for a Research Degree
3M.1.4 Use of Video Conferencing when Conducting a Viva

Part N – Publication, Copyright and Ethics
3N.1 Publication, Copyright and Ethics Policy and Procedure
3N.1.1 Code of Practice for Study by Research
3N.1.2 Restriction on Access for a Thesis or Dissertation Form

 Part O – Appeals and Complaints
3O.1 Appeals and Complaints Policy and Procedure

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