Research Degrees Handbook

The following files are available to download:

1.1 Introduction to Research Awards_RDH

2.1 Introduction to General Regulations for Research Awards_RDH
2.2 General Regulations for Higher Doctorates_RDH
2.3 General Regulations for Doctorates by Published Work
2.4 General Regulations for Research Doctorates and Masters_RDH
2.4b Grade Descriptors
2.5 Special Programme Regulations for Research Awards

Part A – New Research Programme Approval
3A.1 New Research Programme Approval Procedure
3A.1.1 Approval Checklist – New Research Programmes

Part B – Admissions and Recruitment
3B.1 Admissions and Recruitment Procedure
3B.1.1 Application for Admission as a Postgraduate Student
3B.1.2 Checklist for Registration of a Research Student

Part C – Roles, Responsibilities and Induction for Research Staff and Students
3C.1 Roles, Responsibilities and Induction for Research Staff and Students_RDH

Part D – Supervision and Studying
3D.1 Supervision and Studying_RDH

Part E – Terms of Study
3E.1 Terms of Study for Research_RDH
3E.1.1 Application for Extension of Time

Part F – Learning Resources
3F.1 Learning Resources – Guidance for Students

Part G – Progress Monitoring and Transfers
3G.1 Progress Monitoring and Transfers_RDH
3G.1.1 Progress Report to Research Committee Template
3G.1.2 Transfer from MSc MA LLM to MPhil DPhil Meeting Report Form

Part H – Annual Reviews and Upgrades
3H.1 Annual Reviews and Upgrades_RDH
3H.1.1 Guidelines and Report Form for the Annual Review

Part I – Academic Misconduct
3I.1 Academic Misconduct Guidance for Research

Part J – Training and Development
3J.1 Training and Development_RDH
3J.1.1 Postgraduate Research Student Conference Fund

Part K – Student Feedback and Representation
3K.1 Student Feedback and Representation_RDH
3K.1.1 Postgraduate Feedback Questionnaire

Part L – Submission of Thesis/Dissertation
3L.1 Submission of Thesis Dissertation_RDH
3L.1.1 Rules for the Format of Theses
3L.1.2 Notice of Intention to Submit a Thesis for a Higher Degree

Part M – External Examining and Vivas
3M.1 External Examining and Vivas_RDH
3M.1.1 External Examiners Nomination and Approval Form – Higher Degrees and Research Masters Degrees
3M.1.2 Instructions to Examiners for Higher Degrees
3M.1.3 Report on Thesis Submitted for a Research Degree
3M.1.4 Use of Video Conferencing when Conducting a Viva

Part N – Publication, Copyright and Ethics
3N.1 Publication, Copyright and Ethics_RDH
3N.1.1 Code of Practice for Study by Research
3N.1.2 Restriction on Access for a Thesis or Dissertation

 Part O – Appeals and Complaints
3O.1 Appeals and Complaints Procedure_RDH

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