Research Degrees Handbook

This Research Degrees handbook is for use by postgraduate research students and staff involved in delivery research provision. It covers regulations for the award of research degrees, and arrangements for postgraduate research students and their supervisors relating to admissions, supervision, progress monitoring, annual review, student feedback, external examining, vivas, and appeals.

Research Degrees Handbook (Complete Merged Copy – January 2022)

Research Degrees Handbook

Section 1 – General Regulations for Research Awards

Section 2 – Academic Regulations for Research Awards

Section 3 – Terms of Study

Section 4 – PhD Regulations

Section 5 – The Thesis

Section 6 – Examinations and Vivas

Section 7 – Publication, Copyright, Data Protection and Ethics

Section 8 – Appendices

Appendix 1 – Extension of Time Application

Appendix 2 – Intention to Submit Form

Appendix 3 – Restriction of Access Form

Appendix 4 – PhD Annual Review Report Form

Appendix 5 – Transfer from Master’s to PhD Form

Appendix 6 – External Examiner Approval Form by Programme

Appendix 7 – External Examiner Approval Form by Thesis

Appendix 8 – Report on Thesis Submitted for a Research Degree

Appendix 9 – Thesis Front Cover Template