Registry’s main functions are:

Please contact Registry if you require any assistance with these items.


One of Registry’s main functions is the maintenance of all student records. It is therefore essential that all information provided by you is up-to-date. You must keep Registry informed of any changes in your registration details, which include: contact address, telephone number, and next of kin etc.


Examination results are released by Registry following examination board meetings. Emails and letters are sent to students.


When you graduate, you will receive a Graduation Certificate showing your result. Make sure you keep this safe, as a replacement costs £50 and is issued at the discretion of the Registry Manager.

Preparing letters

Letters you can request from Registry include

  • Bank letters
  • Student status letters
  • Visa letters
  • National Insurance Number letters
  • Graduate letters

Please give at least three working days notice if you require a letter.


When you have completed your studies, Registry will send you your results with an academic transcript. This shows all the marks obtained for all the modules throughout your course. Once you have left the university, you can request more copies of your transcript for applications for jobs, or other universities. These are currently priced at £10 for the first copy and £5 for any additional copies requested in the same transaction. There are additional costs for faxing and sending by courier.


Registry can provide you with a new uCard if yours becomes lost or damaged. The card costs £10 to replace, so keep it safe.

Higher Education Degree Datacheck

We are working with Hedd Verifications and now offer an online verification service for employers to check University of Buckingham awards.