Doctor and medical services

All full-time students are required to register with a local doctor. The University medical advisors are the Swan Practice, in Buckingham.

Appointments must always be made to see the doctor. To see the doctor or to book an appointment at the Swan Practice you can:

Prescriptions for medicines are taken into a pharmacy (or chemist) who will then provide you with the medicine or treatment. Under the NHS you will, in many cases, have to pay a small sum for medication. Students can apply for a reduction in fees using NHS form HC1, available from your doctor.

How to register with the doctor

All registered students who live in Buckingham are required to also register with The Swan Practice in order to receive medical support, even if you do not think you will ever be unwell or need to see a doctor.

Students can register with Swan Practice online and obtain further information on the NHS website.

All registered students living outside the area served by Swan Practice should register as a patient with their nearest local G.P. (doctor).  If you live at home, you will probably already be registered with a G.P. service.  If you are moving to a new area and are unsure where to go to find a doctor, take a look at the NHS location search tool.