Intellectual and Academic Wellbeing

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Your Intellectual and Academic Wellbeing

Intellectual wellbeing means using your intellectual abilities in meaningful and satisfying ways in pursuit of stimulating and challenging activities. It includes things like learning, creativity, communicating, critical thinking, problem-solving and the pursuit of understanding and wisdom. Adjusting to university can be difficult if you’re struggling to keep up with your studies but you can learn ways to manage your academic work.

Mentor support

Mentoring services provide individual bespoke signposting, support and intervention to enable students to develop strategies and tools to build resilience and problem-solving skills. This promotes independent learning and increased life skills. Students who work towards maintaining this positive balance are then able to manage their studies and achieve their full potential.

Students will set goals with their mentor, review them regularly and have support to remain focused on their outcomes.

Dyslexia support

The University offers free dyslexia screenings to students who feel they may have a learning difference with our on-site dyslexia specialist. If screened positively, reasonable adjustments will be put in place while studying here. We also offer one-to-one support sessions, peer support and workshops.

The University will provide all Reasonable Adjustments for students who have dyslexia.