Mental Health

Ensuring that a student’s emotional and mental health remains stable is paramount at the University. Within the Wellbeing, Skills and Diversity team we have trained counsellors who offer confidential support to students on any matters that are causing them concern. We are trained to listen and can offer you the space and time to reflect on what is happening in your life, whether it is causing you distress or whether you would like a chance to work on your own personal development. Students are encouraged to talk through issues such as bereavement, relationships, anxiety, stress or problems related to their work.

Mental Health Advisers

We have Mental Health Advisers who offer support to those students that have a diagnosed mental health condition that requires support to help manage their emotional and mental health whilst studying. We work very closely with the University medical doctor and the local mental health services in Aylesbury ensuring that any student who requires urgent medical intervention is seen in a timely manner. We offer face to face confidential appointments, telephone assessments and Teams calls.