Accommodation FAQs: Applying for accommodation

When should I apply for my accommodation?

The earlier the better. Applications are allocated on a strictly first come first served basis. Late applicants may not get their preferred accommodation choice if these rooms have already been allocated.

How do I apply for accommodation?

Go to the Apply for Accommodation page on the website and follow the application process.

I am not sure which accommodation to choose

Allow time to read through the various campus descriptions and prices. Alternatively, take a virtual tour to help you decide.

Living arrangements should take into consideration your budget; where your course lectures are held and various other options i.e. sharing facilities, ensuite accommodation, or would you prefer designated quiet residence?

Can a family member apply on my behalf?

It is preferable that you apply for your own accommodation in case you have questions that require answering. Many students ask their parents to apply, however because of data protection laws we can only speak with you regarding your application.

I am trying to apply online but I am receiving an ERROR notification

Please check that you are logging online with the correct spelling of the name you provided us with when you REGISTERED and note that your password is case sensitive. In the event that you are still unable to log on, please email for assistance.

I am being asked for my Student ID – I only have an Application number

The application number is your Student ID – this will be your dedicated number for your time at The University of Buckingham.

Can I make requests on my accommodation application?

Yes, there is a NOTES section on the application. Please note that although we try to meet your needs, within reason, sometimes these cannot be carried out.

I am uncomfortable sharing accommodation with the opposite sex. What are my options?

The campus halls are mixed, however, we do try to accommodate students as best we can. Generally, one floor is for female students, one for male students and the remaining floor is mixed. Flats and houses on the Moreton Road campus are single-sex too. Please ensure that you let us know you only want to share with single-sex in the NOTES section.

Is it possible to come and view the accommodation?

A viewing room is available on our Beloff campus. Viewings are by appointment only and can be made via the Marketing Department. If you wish to view a room on our Verney Park or Moreton Road campus this can also be arranged by the same method as long as there is an empty room available.

How far is my Accommodation from the University?

Accommodation is spread over three campus areas. However, all are within walking distance to the University lecture halls. These range from a five to 20-minute walk. A minibus is also provided free of charge throughout the day, running between Hunter Street, Verney Park and Moreton Road.

Do you have family accommodation?

Norton’s Place is a terrace of 8 cottages suitable for married couples. Availability is limited so please check before applying. Please note that children are not allowed to stay on campus.

What is included in the cost of my accommodation?

All utilities and University Wi-Fi is included in the cost. All you need to budget for outside of this is your food and recreational requirements.

I have received an offer but it is not one of my four choices

We try to offer student’s one of their room selections. If we are unable to offer you one of your choices, we will endeavour to select a room similar to those chosen. We guarantee rooms to first-year student’s (applying before a given date) however, we cannot guarantee the actual room you will be offered.

Do I have to pay the full amount now?

You may pay in full if you wish. However, as long as we receive payment for the first terms’ accommodation, your room allocation is confirmed. You are then required to pay at the beginning of each term on or before the first day.

How can I make a payment?

There are several ways you can pay. If you have made an application it is preferable to pay through the online portal for a seamless process. However, if you wish to pay via bank transfer, detailed information can be found on the Payments Method page of our website. If you do not pay through the portal, however, we do ask that you email us the payment information; we will have to accept the room offer on your behalf and without the information, you could lose your room.

I cannot pay in advance because I am waiting for my Student Loan to arrive

The first terms’ fees for accommodation are required in order to secure your room. In the event that you have applied for a Student Loan please contact us for additional payment methods. You will need to pay by Bank Transfer or Credit Card before the loan arrives. (This is because the University has an obligation to Student Finance England to only confirm attendance and registration after a student has formally registered). Please also note that the Student Loan will not cover all your fees. It is your responsibility to ensure that all payments due are kept up to date including any balances remaining on your loan.

My Foundation Course is for 3 terms; I can only apply for 4 terms. What should I do?

You do not need to do anything. The system allocates you four terms and we will amend the system accordingly once you have arrived.

I have been allocated a room that was not one of my choices. What can I do about this?

If you are unhappy with the allocation you may either reject the offer sent to you and re-apply (we strongly advise against this because offers are allocated on a first come first served basis; therefore your re-application will be treated as a new one), or, accept the room offer and once you have arrived you may apply for a room move. (However, room moves are not guaranteed and are only available if we have availability in weeks 4, 5 & 6 of the term).

My application has been withdrawn, what can I do?

Applications are withdrawn if payment is not made within 10 days of the room offer being issued. You will need to reapply again for your accommodation.

I have a disability – should I make the University aware of this?

Yes, all disclosures are confidential and can be made to the University’s Welfare Department. Disabled rooms are limited so please apply as early as possible in order that we can try to accommodate your needs.

I have a friend or relative studying at University and I would like to live on the same campus

When making your application scroll down to the NOTES section and let us know the information. We will try to accommodate your request but it cannot be guaranteed.