Hardship Fund Application Form

Application form

Hardship fund NEW September 2023

Please let us know in 500 words or less:

  • What the current unexpected, short-term financial or digital hardship difficulties are;
  • What caused the unexpected situation and when;
  • What steps have been taken to improve the current situation;
  • What support is being requested (if financial, include the total amount being requested);
  • How the requested support will be used.
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I confirm that the information provided is correct and understand giving false information or failing to disclose all relevant information, may leave me liable to disciplinary action by the University and that I may be required to repay any funds awarded to me as a result.

I am aware that Student Fees and my Faculty of Study will be contacted as part of the approval process and give permission for enquiries to be made with relevant staff to check payment of fees, my engagement and attendance as needed, to assess my application.

I have read the eligibility criteria for the Hardship Fund.

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