Occupational Wellbeing

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Your occupational wellbeing

Occupational wellbeing involves preparing and making use of our skills and talents in order to gain purpose, happiness, and enrichment in our lives. Intellectual stimulation and career fulfilment allow us to maintain a positive attitude and experience satisfaction and pleasure in our employment.

Students’ Union resources, services, clubs and societies

Visit the Students’ Union to find out what’s happening in Buckingham and Crewe.

Personal tutors

All students are allocated a Personal Tutor who will contact them – please respond and arrange to meet your Personal Tutor. Personal tutors are there to offer you support, particularly in connection with academic matters.

Careers and job hunting

Careers Office holds information about vacancies that are sent to The University of Buckingham.

Dog walking

Millie and Darcie the departmental therapy dogs love to go for a walk with students, so if you would like to walk them please contact Dee Bunker, dee.bunker@buckingham.ac.uk, who can book you in their diary. There are restrictions as to how many walks a day they can cope with so book early to avoid disappointment!