Town and Gown Relations

Buckingham is a small quiet market town set on the banks of the river Great Ouse. The University has been here since 1976 and has restored and developed many of the historic buildings in the town, thanks to donations received from our valued supporters. The students (and staff) play a part in supporting local businesses by shopping in the town, and providing cultural opportunities for its residents.

We expect our students to show courtesy and consideration to all they come into contact with, including fellow students, staff members and residents of the town. They are encouraged to play a part in the local community, alongside their studies, and many have engaged in sport, charity fundraising, membership of bands, theatre production and local initiatives. A list of local charities and voluntary organisations can be found at: The continued success of the University depends partly upon the maintenance of amicable relations with the local community and members of staff and students have worked hard to develop and enhance these relations over the years.

For many students, this will be the first time they have lived away from their parents and that brings with it an increased personal freedom. The University’s community is also culturally very diverse and what is considered perfectly normal behaviour in their home country is often considered a nuisance for the local community. Recognition of these facts by both the student community and the local townspeople is a step towards a future harmonious relationship.

If you have complaints about the way in which the University or its members interact with the town, please ring +44 (0)1280 820242 and leave a message or email We undertake to quickly respond to your concerns.

The information within these pages is designed to help to maintain the good relationship the University has with the local community. Any suggestions for additional information are very welcome by completing our Website feedback/comments form.