Alumni Stories

Justin Albert

Justin Albert - Wales

LLB - 1989

The two-year degree model, small class sizes and a beautiful, rural campus were what first put Buckingham on my radar. I was eager to have a full university experience, but I wanted to achieve my qualification as quickly as possible.
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Punith Kempegowda

Punith Kempegowda - United Kingdom

General Internal Medicine - 2014

I initially chose Buckingham because of the shorter duration of the course. However, whilst studying I discovered several other perks of doing a degree at The University of Buckingham, such as flexibility, diversity and opportunities for individuals to explore and grow.
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Alex Jovy

Alex Jovy - United Kingdom

LLB - 1993

My life since The University of Buckingham shows that having a degree gives you great knowledge and the foundation to build your career. However, the subject you study doesn’t have to tie you in to a specific path. Knowledge is power and you have the power to design your own future.
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Thomas Bradshaw - United Kingdom

Accounting and Finance Management - 2016

I started looking at universities when I was in my mid-twenties. As a mature student, The University of Buckingham stood out from the crowd because of its short two year course length – I was keen to complete a degree quickly and that was an imperative factor in my decision making. Buckingham certainly fit the bill perfectly.
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Emma White - United Kingdom

PGCE (QTS) - 2016

Hoping to become a qualified teacher, I came across the School of Education at The University of Buckingham. Buckingham had a great reputation and offered a highly regarded teaching qualification...
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Daria Ermolenko - Luxembourg

English Literature with Psychology - 2020

I decided to study at The University of Buckingham because the idea of small group teaching really appealed to me...
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Marc Gené - Spain

Economics - 1995

I completed a two year economics degree and a Masters at Buckingham and I’d have to say what I loved most about my time at the University was the different cultures and nationalities of the students.
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Bruce Van Saun

Bruce Van Saun - USA

OCC Student - 1977

Thinking back to my time at UCB, as it was called then, it was a wonderful experience.
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Koshu Kunii, Economics with French

Koshu Kunii - Japan

Economics with French - 2014

Sometimes, life can only be explained backwards, and the little senseless choices you make can lead you to an adventurous path.
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Sean Obedih, Business Enterprise

Sean Obedih - Rwanda

Business Enterprise - 2011

It wasn’t until I got my papers that I was allowed to do what I should have done when I first arrived, which was to catch up with my education. I read about the scholarship to study for a BSc in Business Enterprise at The University of Buckingham and applied.
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Faith Hall - Bahamas

LLB - 2001

I credit The University of Buckingham’s Law programme and faculty with training me to love research, history, justice, and methodical/analytical thinking.
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Cynthia Stroud, MBA

Cynthia Stroud - England

MBA - 2005

I now run a multi-award winning cake shop, have won several entrepreneurial awards and was honoured by The Queen in the 2017 New Year’s Honours list.
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Justin Albert - Wales

LLB - 1989

Bravery is not inherited, it is learnt and given, and my courage was given to me by my parents, my school and The University of Buckingham.
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University of Buckingham - Postgraduate Study

Marie-Alexandrine Burrows - France

MSc Service Management - 2010

I met my husband, Jamie, while studying at Buckingham and in the seven years since leaving, we’ve had a combined four house moves, two deaths in the family, four job changes, and two beautiful children.
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Nancy Zulu, Law Graduate

Nancy Zulu - Zambia

Law - LLB 2006, LLM 2007, PhD 2016

People are central to the Buckingham story. People who embody the values and ethos of the University. I have been privileged to be impacted and influenced by them over the course of the years that I have been at the University.
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Justin Codrai - Abu Dhabi

LLB - 1979

Our days at the University were happy times. I will always be grateful to the University.
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