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Like the rest of the University, Buckingham Law School prides itself on two key features, Student Satisfaction and Employability. The headline above from “Lawyer 2B” highlights our Guardian League Table position on Employability. You can see this table for yourself at University guide 2017: league table for law.

Two other elements underpin this success:

  • Our intensive degrees, completing a 3 year qualifying law degree in 2 years and an LLM in a further 9 months; this certainly impresses future employers; and
  • Our highly qualified and experienced academic staff, over 25 in number, all of who teach and give personal guidance to our 400 or so students.

Indeed this could all be expressed in a formula:

Time = Intensity
Staff = Attention
Intensity + Attention = Employability

And on the subject of Employability, despite the School being under 40 years old, our alumni have already occupied a remarkable range of posts from local solicitors, barristers and business owner / managers to Judges, Attorneys-General, Ministers of Justice and of Human Rights and even a Head of a Civil Service around the world.

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