Law Success Stories

At Buckingham Law School, we are proud of the success of our students and graduates. You will find below what some of our recent graduates have to say about their time at Buckingham and how it helped their careers.

Golam Morshed Jr Shaan

Golam Morshed JrThe University of Buckingham’s accelerated programme of two years seemed tailor-made for my aspirations. The unique structure of this program allowed me to complete my law degree by the age of 20, followed by my LLM at 21, and a prompt Call to the Bar within months of finishing my Master’s.

Buckingham’s appeal goes beyond its accelerated program. The University’s commitment to an Oxbridge-style education, featuring small group tutorials, facilitated a deep understanding of legal concepts and revealed my true potential.

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Isaac Beasley

Portrait photograph of Isaac BeasleyThe University of Buckingham has been the best place I could ever want to do my LLB, and then my LLM. I initially enrolled to complete only my LLB at The University of Buckingham, purely on the basis it was two years rather than three. However, I quickly found out that the Law School was much more than an accelerated law degree. The support I was provided with was nothing but exceptional.

I am hoping to achieve a career within the financial sector in London, in order to utilise my unique skills and amazing education that the university has helped me achieve.

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Evelyn Jacobs

Evelyn Jacobs, LLB alumnaI am thrilled to share my journey as a Canadian student who chose to pursue a 2-year LLB Degree at the University of Buckingham.

Today, as I stand on the cusp of becoming a lawyer in Canada, I reflect fondly upon the incredible experiences and opportunities that this institution provided me.

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Christabel Ezidiegwu

I came to Buckingham knowing that I wanted to become a solicitor and practice law. I chose to participate in Street Legal because I knew it would help me gain real-world practical experience in a law firm. I would also get to explore different practice areas such as corporate law, employment law, and land law, just to name a few. I would get to meet real lawyers and hear about their own personal journeys and experiences, and form meaningful connections with them.

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Renatus Otto Franz Derler

The University of Buckingham truly embodies the Oxbridge tutorial system by providing weekly tutorial sessions with a tutor who is a subject-specific academic expert and three to six students. This may sound daunting; however, the purpose is to stimulate a thorough discussion about the set week’s tutorial materials which consist of prescribed reading, essay and problem questions. The tutorials also serve to deconstruct our mental thinking and learn how to argue using critical reasoning.

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Afeefa Salehmohamed

AFEEFA SALEHMOHAMEDAside from brilliant lecturers—experts in their fields—student support services and facilities provided are also excellent. Since it is an accelerated degree, the modules taught were fast-paced too. Every time I would contact a lecturer for more clarification on some topics or for any questions I would have, the lecturers would free up their time to help.

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Anna Mueller (LLB)

Anna MuellerThe Law School of The University of Buckingham appealed to me because of the small tutorial groups, which I was used to from my previous studies. It was important to me to get the most out of the teaching process and having a maximum of six other students with me during tutorials meant that I would not only have to get my work done, but I also had a better chance of getting to know the lecturer – this would ensure that I stayed on top of my work and any shortfalls would be noticeable.

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Dan Burt (LLB)

When you see marketing blurb about businesses and institutions being able to achieve the impossible, you doubt its veracity. But in the case of Buckingham, they weren’t kidding. You absolutely can get a respected and noteworthy law degree in two years, you don’t feel like you’re always working at breakneck speed to achieve it and it presents a wealth of career opportunities you never realised existed.

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Liesel Cushieri (LLB)

Liesel Cuschieri

Upon having already commenced a Bachelor of Laws degree in my home country, Malta, I came to the realisation that a UK law degree would open many more doors and opportunities in the commercial and corporate legal sectors. Since a UK law degree is globally recognised and prestigious, I decided to pursue such a degree from a highly ranked law school, and this is how my studies at The University of Buckingham started.

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Mayowa Olagunju (LLB)

Mayowa OlagunjuUoB wears the sash that marks it the “Home of the 2-year degree” with pride.  The structure of the law degree impressed me: four terms in a calendar year; the terms were intense; and the breaks were short. Of course, almost all my degree was done in the middle of a pandemic; the switch to online teaching by the school was impressively seamless, ensuring there was no pause in my education.

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Nasreen Shah (LLB)

Nasreen ShahUndertaking my undergraduate degree at Buckingham was certainly one of the best decisions I made. The accelerated two-year track combined focused learning with great networking opportunities. It was a challenging but much rewarding experience.

Due to the international exposure at Buckingham, I was able to move on an undertake an LLM in Washington DC as a Fulbright Scholar and work with international NGO’s.

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Annie McDermott (LLB with Spanish, 2020)

My time at Buckingham Law School was an incredibly rewarding experience, where I was able to meet some wonderful people, create life-long memories, and graduate with a First Class Honours in 2020.

My initial attraction to join The University of Buckingham stemmed from a combination of the ability to start my academic year in January, while studying for my degree at an accelerated rate of two years. As I was transferring from my previous university in New Zealand, this both coincided perfectly with the end of my previous academic year, and allowed me to save valuable time in pursuit of my LLB degree.

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Emma Eastwood (LLB, 2020)

I thoroughly enjoyed my time studying for the LLB at Buckingham. The support I received from the law school was exceptional which allowed me to achieve first class grades whilst being a mum to two young children. The degree gave me a variety of skills which enabled me to secure a training contract and begin my career as a solicitor with confidence.

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Diksha Dahoo (LLB, 2019)

The support given in the small-sized tutorials and being able to approach my tutors for guidance at the University, pushed me to give the best of myself and graduate with a First Class Honours. I completed both the LLB and the BPTC within three years which was possible due to the University’s accelerated two-year LLB course compared to a traditional route which would have taken more time. The skills and confidence I acquired during the legal placements organised by the Law school are proving to be invaluable while currently undertaking my pupillages.

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Charley-Anne Gordon (LLB, 2019)

Studying at The University of Buckingham was a fantastic experience. The law school is second to none, not only is the teaching quality outstanding, but they offer amazing opportunities through the Street Legal scheme which enabled me to diversify my resume and ensure my listed experiences make me stand out to employers. The small group teaching style supports students in the most effective way possible, and the academic and personal support offered allowed me to thrive. Aside from my degree, the skills I gained and the experiences I had at Buckingham really have put me in the best position possible to enter into the wider legal world.
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Audu Samuel Ibrahim (LLM and PhD)

My experience at The University of Buckingham was fascinating. I learnt some of the best and realest life lessons. I learnt skills that have significantly contributed to my career progress and importantly I was taught the importance of critical thinking. The lecturers connect personally to each student and take the progress of their students very seriously. I will always recommend The University of Buckingham over and above other Universities.

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Aaron Tate (LLB and LLM 2020)

I found the staff in both the Law School and Buckingham as a whole to be nothing but supportive and encouraging of my goals. The accelerated degree program gave me an advantage over graduates from other universities and allowed me to complete both an LLB and LLM within 3 years.

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Jannis Bille (LLB 2013)

University of Buckingham - Law Alumni - Success StoriesThe University and its Law School attracted me for three main reasons. First, being German I had to complete nine months of national service before starting University, so the two year LLB allowed me to obtain my degree in an expedited fashion, regaining valuable time. Secondly, the student-staff ratio at Buckingham allows them to offer tutorials with five or six students at most, which has allowed me to have a focused and tailored learning experience.

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Suyi Fred-Omojole (LLB 2008)

41776_0107 - Omosuyi Fred-OmojoleI graduated from The University of Buckingham with First Class Honours in 2008 and completed a Master of Laws degree (LLM) at the London School of Economics. Having undertaken the LPC, I then completed my two-year training contract at the world-renowned law firm of Slaughter and May, based in the City of London, before spending a 12-month secondment at Aluko & Oyebode, one of Nigeria’s foremost commercial law firms.

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Charles Hogan (LLB 2015)

University of Buckingham - Law Alumni - Success StoriesI was 25 years old when I began my studies and felt that it would be an advantage to complete my law degree in two years rather than three.  This was particularly important given that I intended to train as a barrister, which required at least a further year of study on the Bar Professional Training Course (“BPTC”), as well as further time spent working in the legal sector which is almost a prerequisite to obtaining pupillage.

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Alex Katznelson (LLB 2015)

University of Buckingham - Law Alumni - Success StoriesPrior to attending The University of Buckingham, I obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree from York University in Toronto, Canada, specializing in Public Administration and Justice. Subsequently, from 2013 to 2015, I attended The University of Buckingham where I studied law. The University of Buckingham offered small lectures and intimate tutorial classes, in which I was encouraged to discuss course material and trained to conduct legal analysis.

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Michael Lalande (LLB 2015)

University of Buckingham - Law Alumni - Success StoriesAs a Canadian Criminology student, I imagined I would spend a copious amount of time applying to, and then attending, law school in Canada, then I discovered The University of Buckingham. The condensed course schedule and scenic location of the University allowed me to commit myself fully to the study of law without the distractions of a large city.

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Lily Manser (LLB 2013)

University of Buckingham - Law Alumni - Success StoriesI decided to take a year out following my A levels, and as such was keen to obtain my law degree as expediently as possible. Buckingham Law School appeared to be the perfect fit for my requirements. Buckingham boasts a two-year accelerated law degree, which, if you are serious about studying, is the perfect way to complete your degree.

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Philippa Parry-Jones (LLB 2013)

University of Buckingham - Law Alumni - Success StoriesI decided on studying at the Law School at The University of Buckingham because I liked the concept of a two-year degree with a high proportion of small and regular tutorial groups. I very much enjoyed my time at the University and the experiences, both curricular and extracurricular, have helped to shape my career. It was the compulsory mooting module that first sparked my interest in advocacy and started me on the road to becoming a barrister!

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Jeanne Posey (LLB 2014)

University of Buckingham - Law Alumni - Success StoriesResearching from my base in Canada, I discovered The University of Buckingham through UCAS. I applied to several universities and was accepted to most of them, but felt drawn to The University of Buckingham. Set in the idyllic town of Buckingham, the University, with its small student body, low tutor to student ratio and accelerated two-year degree programme, felt like the perfect choice.

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Carmen Safavi (LLB 2013)

University of Buckingham - Law Alumni - Success StoriesI joined The University of Buckingham in September 2011, knowing very little about its history, its people or the variety of courses that it offered. However, I was attracted by the prospect of completing my LLB in two years, and the excellent staff to student ratio. Although the prospect of starting a condensed law degree was daunting (having come straight from sixth form with a scientific A-Level background)

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Emmanuella Senlong (LLB, 2013)

Emmanuella Senlong
I joined The University of Buckingham in July 2011. Moving from Nigeria to a new country was rather daunting but I settled in and adapted really fast, thanks to the welcoming spirit of both staff and classmates. The two-year degree programme was a major incentive for me. One thing I really appreciated whilst in The University of Buckingham was the staff-to-student ratio.

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David Stubbs (LLB 2004)

David StubbsAs a Bermudian, I heard about Buckingham many years ago. My brother and many other Bermudian lawyers are Buckingham graduates. After I decided that I wanted to retrain as a lawyer, with a view to changing careers and returning to Bermuda, Buckingham was a sensible option: I wanted to do an LLB rather than a CPE/GDL, but with a family to support I wanted to obtain my degree as efficiently as possible.

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Enyi Uchenna-Emezue (LLB 2013)

Enyi Uchenna-Emezue headshotAs a Nigerian, when I decided to study for a law degree in the United Kingdom, I wanted a University where I would get great tuition along with a good experience of living in the UK. After doing my research, Buckingham emerged as the best place. I was particularly attracted by the staff-student ratio and the prospect of completing my LLB degree in two years.

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Michael Thompson (LLB 2009)

Having decided against attending university immediately after completing my A-Levels, I worked for several law firms over a number of years before deciding to seek to qualify as a solicitor. As a mature student, I was keen to obtain my degree as quickly as possible and this brought me to The University of Buckingham and its accelerated two-year LLB programme. Buckingham’s small size and low staff to student ratio made for a supportive but challenging educational environment.

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Sheida Azari (LLB 2015)

I heard about The University of Buckingham and its law programme in 2013 through an alumna who had qualified as a lawyer in Toronto, Canada. At that time, I had just finished a Bachelor of Arts degree, was employed as a legal assistant at a law firm in Toronto, and was considering applying to law school to further my legal career. When researching various law schools in Canada and beyond, the accelerated two-year LLB programme at The University of Buckingham stood out to me.

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