Afeefa Salehmohamed (LLB)

AFEEFA SALEHMOHAMEDHome of the two-year degree, I decided to pursue my LLB at The University of Buckingham, to qualify quicker and join the legal industry faster—accomplishing my dream. What attracted me the most to this University was its small-size tutorial classes.

Aside from brilliant lecturers—experts in their fields—student support services and facilities provided are also excellent. Since it is an accelerated degree, the modules taught were fast-paced too. Every time I would contact a lecturer for more clarification on some topics or for any questions I would have, the lecturers would free up their time to help. Through the different types of coursework set, one is sure to develop research skills, critical analysis and advocacy skills. During workshops, some lecturers would introduce us to guest speakers, experts in the topic we would currently study to gain broader knowledge of that topic and when applicable, knowledge its practicality in the legal field. Lecturers also supported my colleague and I for the OUP & ICCA National Mooting Competition 2021. We reached the semi-finals of the competition.

While at University, the Clinical Legal Education Manager helped me gain more skills outside of the curriculum, by engaging in various schemes such as the Street Legal scheme and the Mentoring scheme. I got the opportunity to marshal His Honour Judge Sheridan at Aylesbury Crown Court via the Street Legal Scheme before the pandemic. Even during the pandemic, we were offered virtual opportunities such as the EMW LLP Mentoring scheme, family law talk with Lady Hale and workshops from law firms and alumni on how to be more employable, as well as guiding us to the different paths a law degree can lead to. The careers service also provided guidance on how to draft a CV and cover letter. The Clinical Legal Education manager proof-read my application for the Neuberger Prize offered by the Honourable Society of Lincoln’s Inn as well. Aside from the typical skills required to develop as a law student, I was able to develop my leadership, interpersonal and problem-solving skills by engaging in various societies, such as being the President of the Student Law Society.

Thanks to the lecturers, Clinical Legal Education manager and the other departments within The University of Buckingham, I have been able to unlock my potential as an aspiring barrister and work towards personal development.