Street Legal Placement Scheme

Participating in Street Legal offers the perfect opportunity to discover more about the legal services sector, different practice areas and qualification pathway for solicitors and barristers.

What are the benefits?

  • Legal experience: Gain invaluable real-life work experience in a legal setting.
  • Develop skills: Evolve a full range of skills, including soft skills, which are so vital to the professional world.
  • Enhance employability: The skills developed and overall experience on the scheme allows employability prospects to grow in a competitive job market.

Student Experiences

Take a look at exactly what our students have recently experienced with the Street Legal Scheme, below!

Court Marshalling Experiences

Shadowing Graeme Molloy, Barrister, Rose Court Chambers

“Under the Street Legal scheme, I shadowed Graeme Molloy, a barrister from Rose Court Chambers. During the week we went to Isleworth Crown Court, Huntingdon Law Courts and Chelmsford Crown Court. We also attended several cases on CVP (online).

The placement allowed me to see both prosecution and defence cases, which reminded me of the importance of both roles. Seeing hearings first hand made me appreciate how much of a difference the barristers make in criminal litigation practice. The Street Legal placement showed me the important skills required to be a barrister, such as diligence, organisation, resilience and flexibility. This placement confirmed that I would love to be a barrister in criminal law and taught me what I need to consider to achieve this.

All the Street Legal team were fantastic. Julie made sure that I was fully prepared for the placement and continued to support me throughout. Mr Molloy was amazing because he gave me a real insight into what a week as a criminal barrister was like. He answered all my questions and made sure I understood everything we were doing along the way. I am incredibly grateful to have had such a wonderful opportunity. I learnt so much during my placement and would absolutely recommend the Street Legal scheme to everyone.”

– Hannah, FT LLB Graduate

Law Firm Placements

Shadowing Lawyers at Blaser Mills

“Tasked with real-life case studies the lawyers at Blaser Mills provided feedback on our work, showing their interest to mentor and provide suggestions to help us improve.

Introductions to new areas of law included: employment, dispute resolution in residential property, the corporate and commercial sector and family law.

Without a doubt this opportunity has given me a feel of what my work life as a lawyer will be like. If it is anything like the atmosphere at Blaser Mills then I am sure a delightful, challenging and rewarding career awaits me.”

– Foyin, LLM Student

Week internship at Joelson LLP

“During my mini internship at Joelson I was given a variety of opportunities from considering mock legal assignments to sitting in client meetings and attending associate lawyer presentations.”

…”I experienced ‘life as a lawyer’, and this helped me determine if it was the type of career I wanted to have. I was able to observe how clients interact with their lawyers and each other professionally, and I gained an understanding of how law firms function in general.”

– Christabel, LLM Commercial & International Law Graduate

View Christabel’s full account of her experience at Joelson.

Open Day placement at Bryan Cave Leighton Paisner London, International law firm

The Open Day provided me with a comprehensive overview of BCLP, allowing me to better understand the firm’s structure, culture, and values.

Students looking to camera outside BCLP law firm

Buckingham Law students at BCLP Open Day

Learning about the various practice areas showcased during the program was particularly insightful; it offered a glimpse into the diverse range of legal specialties the firm excels in. Additionally, the networking opportunities were invaluable, and I am thankful for the chance to learn and connect with current solicitors, partners, and other professionals within the firm. Their willingness to share their experiences and insights into the firm’s work environment has been incredibly beneficial as I consider my future career path. Moreover, the sessions on career development and the recruitment process provided me with a clearer understanding of the opportunities and expectations at BCLP. I am particularly excited about the emphasis on technology and innovation in legal practice, as this aligns with my interest in staying at the forefront of advancements in the legal field.

– Simone, LLM Student

Work experience day at SE-Solicitors

An exceptionally well organised and insightful work placement experience arranged by the Clinical Legal Education service with Carol Carbery HR Manager and trainee lawyers at SE Solicitors. The day provided a unique opportunity to engage with inspiring professionals and was truly invaluable.

Hearing the different journeys into law from Paralegals to Directorship level provided a valuable and realistic insight into the world of legal careers. LLB students found the experience enriching on many different levels.

Buckingham law students at work experience with S E Solicitors, smiling to camera around table

Buckingham law students seated, pictured with the team from SE Solicitors: Carol Carbery, HR Manager; Maninder Singh, Trainee Solicitor, Krizha Ramos, Dispute Resolution Solicitor, Ella Stewart, Trainee Solicitor and Ayo-ore Oluwa Smith, Trainee Solicitor.

In House Experiences

Two Week Placement Experience: Anergi International Legal Department

“I was awarded the much-coveted opportunity to undertake a 2-week placement at Anergi International, in September 2023. Assigned the legal department of Anergi, I worked under the supervision of the Head of Corporate Development and General Counsel, Omosuyi Fred-Omojole and Legal Counsel, Rolake Odesanya.

On the first day I was tasked with compiling documentation for a Board meeting; which I also attended. I created a report on the key takeaways from the meeting and participated in a joint collaboration on legal communication regarding patents and intellectual property theft. I also learnt about the process of defining terms prior to drafting a contract. Hands-on training got off the mark on the very first day and was re-enforced in the following days. I also attended a training session pertaining to acquisitions and mergers; at the end of which I was very kindly allowed to ask questions to consolidate my understanding.

This placement helped me gain an invaluable insight into the intricate workings of commercial law and provided me with the hands-on legal experience that was the missing puzzle piece in my journey as an aspiring lawyer. Although it was my maiden voyage into the world of Corporate Law and Business, I was made to feel welcome and part of a team from day one, which also served to instil confidence in me. I would recommend this placement to any law students seeking to polish their legal skills and facilitate their metamorphosis into qualification as a lawyer.”

Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

When are placements scheduled?

Placements are arranged in the breaks, wherever possible.

Students attend individually or in small groups of two – eight students.

How long are the placements?

Short durations – from one day up to one week. Occasionally, two week placements are offered.

Where are placements located?

Placements are offered locally and nationally. Students have regularly undertaken judicial marshalling at: Aylesbury Crown Court, Oxford Magistrates Court, Milton Keynes County Court and Royal Courts of Justice, London.

Participating law firms and government agencies include Shoosmiths, SE Solicitors, Shepherd & Co, EMW Law, the CPS and Thames Valley Police.

Barrister chambers have included: Northampton Chambers, Kings Chambers and New Square Chambers in London.

What support is offered?

The scheme is led by Academic Director, Dr James Slater and managed by Clinical Legal Education Manager, Julie O’Shea. There is an annual information meeting for students to discover more about the scheme. Students are invited to attend a workshop to help prepare for their placement experience.

How do you apply for Street Legal?

Students are invited to submit applications to be considered for a placement.

What is the selection process?

Students are selected on merit in academic work and motivation.

What else is involved?

Students are asked to write a reflective report about their experience. This is extremely useful for professional development purposes; helping you build your CV for your future career plans.

What if I want to do a year work placement?

Street Legal placements are a great way of experiencing various legal practice areas which can add a great deal of value to your CV, whilst taking an accelerated law degree.

Students interested in long term placement opportunities the LLB Sandwich work placement programme offers full time paid opportunities.