Information for Applicants from Pakistan

Pakistan-flagIn recent years, Pakistanis have been the fourth largest national group in Buckingham Law School. Although it can be completed in two years, the Buckingham LLB (Single Honours Law) covers not just the subjects required for a UK Qualifying Law Degree (QLD), but also a number of electives of particular interest to Pakistanis, including:

  • Company Law
  • Law of Evidence
  • Commercial Law

Pakistani applicants tend to fall into one of two categories:

  • Those who have just completed their higher education. There is a special LLB programme of study lasting for 3 years. Applicants would be expected to have a 6.0 IELTS score (including at least that level in writing) or its equivalent. This programme can be started either in September or January.
  • Those who already have a first degree in a non-law subject. They can join the 2-year LLB programme provided they have a 6.5 IELTS score (including at least that level in writing) or its equivalent. These applicants may also qualify for our International Scholarship. This programme can be started in either January or July, or taken in slightly extended form starting in September.

Pakistanis students often stay on for a further nine-months or a year to take our LLM programme in International and Commercial Law. Again there are scholarships for those who have obtained a 2.1 or 1st in the Buckingham LLB.

Some Pakistani students join an Inn of Court in London and stay on to take the English Bar qualifications, but as a QLD, the Buckingham LLB is also recognised by all the Bar Councils in Pakistan as satisfying the requirements to qualify as an Advocate in Pakistan. Students who successfully complete the Buckingham LLM Programme receive accelerated entry as Advocates in all Pakistani provinces. Pakistani applicants are advised to visit the Pakistan Bar Council’s website for further information on becoming an Advocate in Pakistan at:

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