Golam Morshed Jr Shaan (LLB Honours)

Golam Morshed JrIt has always been my goal to become a Barrister at a young age, and The University of Buckingham’s accelerated programme of two years seemed tailor-made for my aspirations. The unique structure of this program allowed me to complete my law degree by the age of 20, followed by my LLM at 21, and a prompt Call to the Bar within months of finishing my Masters. Such an achievement is unheard of in my home country, Bangladesh, and the recognition and praise I received nationwide and from the legal fraternity in Bangladesh were significant, all thanks to unique offerings of The University of Buckingham.

Buckingham’s appeal goes beyond its accelerated program. The University’s commitment to an Oxbridge-style education, featuring small group tutorials, facilitated a deep understanding of legal concepts and revealed my true potential. The faculty is comprised of dedicated lecturers who are always keen on helping students with their academic development. My personal tutor, Dr Erin Ferguson, particularly played an instrumental role in my academic success. Thanks to her unwavering support during my degree, I was able to score the highest marks in the Law of Tort, for which I also received the Senate-approved ‘Best Performance in the Law of Tort’ award by the university.

My academic journey at the university was further punctuated by inclusion in both instances of the Dean’s List award during my course. Buckingham built my foundation for law which subsequently helped me secure distinction in several of my Bar modules and achieve a Merit in my LLM as well. My sincere gratitude also goes to Dr Sandra Clarke, who served as the Dean of Law School during my degree, for always fostering a positive atmosphere and supporting the students during a challenging time marked by the pandemic.

Beyond academics, the Buckingham community enriched my social life. The diversity within the community allowed me to have life-long friends from all around the world with whom I am still in touch today years after my graduation. I owe such a memorable journey of my life to all the friends I have made in Buckingham who have helped me grow as a person and as a professional too. This unique journey, filled with achievements and enduring friendships, has left an indelible mark on my life.

If I could, I would live my Buckingham life all over again.