You may have already studied some Law at school or college, but many thinking of Law have not. How do you know if it is a subject you are going to enjoy? We have compiled a short, fun questionnaire to make you think whether Law is for you. Remember, there are no right or wrong answers, but your responses may help you to think what studying Law could involve.

1. I listen to or watch news programmes on the radio or television:

  • a) most days
  • b) once or twice a week
  • c) I hate the news

2. I like reading books, magazines or newspapers for pleasure:

  • a) most days
  • b) once or twice a week
  • c) I hate reading for pleasure

3. When I believe that my parents or teachers are wrong:

  • a) I love arguing with them
  • b) I am prepared to query their position
  • c) I try to avoid any argument or dispute

4. If I received very bad service in a restaurant:

  • a) I would raise the matter immediately
  • b) I would just decide not to give a tip
  • c) I would give a tip but decide not to come back again

5. If my school or college was putting on a play or concert:

  • a) I would immediately volunteer to perform
  • b) I could be persuaded to perform
  • c) Wild horses would not be drag me on stage

6. When I am reading for work or pleasure:

  • a) I find grammatical and typographical errors very annoying
  • b) I do spot such errors, but tend to shrug my shoulders
  • c) What are grammatical and typographical errors?

7. When friends or relations are putting forward a political or moral argument:

  • a) I immediately try to think of reasons why they might be wrong
  • b) I tend to find myself agreeing with them
  • c) I stop listening because I hate such discussions

8. When friends or relations are quarrelling:

  • a) I try to find out what the argument is about and find a solution
  • b) I tell them all to shut up
  • c) I walk away out of earshot

9. If I saw a purse lying in the street:

  • a) I would try and hand it in to the authorities
  • b) I would leave it there
  • c) I would think about taking the loose change

10. When I see a police or courtroom drama on film or television:

  • a) I question how accurate the portrayal of the procedures is
  • b) I occasionally wonder if the action has not been glamorised
  • c) I believe every word of it.

Keep a record of how many ‘a’s, ‘b’s, and ‘c’s you gave as answers  before clicking here for an analysis.