Frederick Appiah (LLB 2015)

Growing up, I never contemplated studying law, let alone working in the legal industry. Originally, my aim was to become an accountant. And so, after secondary school, I Frederickobtained a diploma in accounting and contemplated becoming a chartered accountant (ACCA). My search for an institution to pursue my ACCA certification led me to the University of Buckingham. The more I browsed on the University’s website, the more I fell in love with the University. I then came upon their part-time law programme and noticed there was an upcoming open evening event. Without hesitation, I decided to attend. It was an eye-opening experience and the interactions I had with present and past students, and the lecturers, were amazing. The structure of the programme was also perfect for my work schedule.

So, after receiving the biggest ‘yes’ answer from my wife when I asked “sweetheart, do you think I’d be a good lawyer”, I applied to the part-time programme. My decision to apply turned out to be one of the greatest decisions I’ve ever made. It began to unlock opportunities shortly after I enrolled. I was hired by a UK government department as a project officer, and after telling my line manager I was studying law via the part time programme, I was quickly moved to the governance team, where I was placed in charge of contract administration.

After a year and two months in the role, and having completed the part time law programme, I relocated to Texas, in the United States, with my family.  Within a month, I was hired by a global immigration law firm as a consular advisor, where my legal knowledge enabled me to advise on various global mobility projects. Specifically, I workedon short and long-term work permit applications, and intra-company transfers to the UK, and across Europe, from the United States. After nearly a year in this role, although I enjoyed my work, it wasn’t the right fit. I did not have sufficient work-life-balance.

So I decided to change careers and was hired as an associate auditor at the Office of Inspector General, Texas Health and Human Commission. On my first day at work, my manager said to me, and I quote “Frederick, I hired you even before you had your interview; as soon as I saw you had studied law on your application, I knew you’d be a great fit”. My manager promoted me almost a year into my new career, commended my exceptional professionalism and work ethic. These successes I have enjoyed so far in my career, I attribute to, thank, and will forever be indebted. to the University of Buckingham part-time law programme.

Will I recommend the part time law programme to anyone who is considering pursuing further studies? 1000% YES!

Even if studying law is not on your wish list, I will highly recommend you give the University of Buckingham part-time law programme, a good look. The programme will not only equip for a career in the legal industry, it prepares and equips you for many different careers.

And besides that, you will make great and amazing friends who will not only motivate and support you while studying, but potentially for a lifetime.