Harleen Kaur Rana (LLB 2023)

Portrait photograph of Harleen Kaur RenaIt is with great pleasure that I share my perspective on the LLB Part-Time degree offered by The University of Buckingham. As a student enrolled in this institution, I have been afforded a unique and enriching educational experience that has profoundly shaped my journey towards a career in law.

One of the most compelling aspects of studying part-time for my LLB at The University of Buckingham is the flexibility it offers. Balancing work, family commitments, and academic pursuits can be challenging, but the University’s commitment to accommodating the needs of part-time students made this journey both feasible and rewarding for me. When I started my degree in 2019 my son was merely 9 months old and my daughter 19 months, I was working part-time and had a family business to look after along with my partner, needless to say time management was a challenge for me. I was aware that embarking on this new path will be extremely challenging, but with the convenient option of evening classes once a week and online resources, I was able to engage with course materials and participate in academic discourse without compromising my other obligations.

The LLB programme at The University of Buckingham is distinguished by its rigorous academic standards and emphasis on practical skills development. The faculty members are not only academically competent but also practitioners who bring real-world insights into the classroom. Their dedication to excellence and passion for the law inspired me to think critically, analyse complex legal issues, and develop sound legal reasoning skills. All the lecturers are very approachable and can always easily be contacted and don’t hesitate in helping out.

Moreover, the small class sizes at The University of Buckingham foster a supportive and collaborative learning environment where students can actively engage with their peers and professors. Through lively discussions, group projects, negotiations, and mooting, students have the opportunity to exchange ideas, challenge perspectives, and refine our advocacy skills in a dynamic setting.

The LLB programme is characterized by its interdisciplinary approach, which equips students with a comprehensive understanding of law in its social, political, and economic context. Through a rich array of courses, seminars, and experiential learning opportunities, students are provided with the opportunity to gain insight into diverse legal systems, emerging global trends, and contemporary issues shaping the legal landscape.

As a part-time student, I appreciate the University’s commitment to providing holistic support services tailored to our unique needs. From academic advising, career counselling, access to library resources and online learning platforms, The University of Buckingham ensures that part-time students have the necessary tools and resources to succeed in their academic and professional endeavours.

Beyond the classroom, The University of Buckingham offers a vibrant and inclusive community where students are encouraged to collaborate, exchange ideas, and pursue their passions. The student union is extremely vigilant with any issues that students might have and are very helpful. IT department is always only one email away should any issues occur.

In conclusion, I am immensely grateful for the enriching experience provided by the LLB Part-Time degree programme at The University of Buckingham. It has not only equipped me with the knowledge and skills necessary for a successful legal career but also instilled in me a passion for lifelong learning and a commitment to making a positive impact in the legal profession and society at large.