Law Careers

The Careers Office provides a specialist service for Law students to help them advance their legal careers by offering information about workshops and placements as well as hosting events at the University.

In addition to the services of the Careers Office, the School itself has specific advisers for the profession in the UK. The School also works with The University of Buckingham Law Society to organise trips to the Inns of Courts, to the Courts and to give other experience of the legal world.


Junior Lawyers Link

The Law School and The University of Buckingham Law Society have forged links with “Junior Lawyers Northants and Bucks”, an organisation run for and by local newly qualified solicitors and trainees.

Street Legal

One of the disadvantages of a two year degree is the limited opportunity for Law students to take up internships and mini-pupillages because of the very short vacations. However, the School does have a Street Legal scheme to assist students in this area, both with connections to firms and chambers and, if necessary, with some of the costs of having to stay away from the University to take up the opportunities. For more detail, contact Julie O’Shea,

Legal Workshop

The Law School runs an annual Legal Workshop where practising barristers and solicitors come in to run practical exercises with Law students in order to give them a feel for legal activities like interviewing clients, making a plea in mitigation etc. Our legal workshops are run each year. For more information on these, please contact our Careers Service Manager, Tracy Dunkley, on