Maggie Ryde (LLB 2006)

During my business career I have developed my various skills through maintaining a continuous programme of study relating either to my direct job function or to the Maggie Ryde (LLB 2006)interests of the Company that employs me, mainly relating to Health and Safety, Human Resources and Commercial Contract. This led me to the further need to understand more of the legal aspects associated with each of these areas.

Clearly the first year of such an intensive course was rather daunting due to me being so much older (50+), however, with masses of support from the lecturers and of course my fellow students I quickly learnt that by working in small groups of like-minded students of various ages it was possible to bring together a structure to the learning process that helped put things into perspective. I am now approaching the end of the programme and consider that whilst the intensity remains constant the acquisition of knowledge has become more fluid in most areas.