Marcia Killen (LLB 2007)

Working at a solicitor’s office as a legal secretary I was persuaded to study for the examinations with the Institute of Legal Executives. It fitted in nicely with my work Marcia Killen (LLB 2007)commitments and young family as I studied by way of a correspondence course.

My family are all grown up and I now have time to pursue my own interests. I have always regretted being a rebellious teenager and not going to University so I decided to do a part-time Law degree. I wanted to attend a course where I could interact with other students and lecturers this time.

I remember reading the student comments in the Prospectus I received and I particularly remember how enthusiastic they all were. I have to say that the enthusiasm is contagious.

From the moment you walk in the door for your Induction Evening you are greeted by members of staff who are all passionate about their subjects. They inspire you with their enthusiasm and bring to life their subject with discussions based around real-life cases in the seminars. You cannot fail to be inspired.

It all seemed a bit daunting at first but I soon settled into the routine of reading in preparation for the next seminar. I find the seminars put the coursework into perspective and help me understand a subject more clearly. Fellow classmates are very supportive and the staff are always on hand to help you out if they can. Everyone wants you to succeed.

I expect I will always dread the exams – but I really do enjoy the course.