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Why study with us?

Since its beginnings in 1976, the Buckingham Law School has benefited from its connections with Nigeria, and significant numbers of Nigerian students have, over the years, taken advantage of our two-year programme in order to obtain an LLB degree.

Those who already have a first degree in a non-law subject may qualify for our International Scholarship.

Two year degrees

Taking less time to complete than most law degrees, the Buckingham LLB (Single Honours Law) covers the fundamental subjects required by the legal profession in England and Wales as well as elective subjects, including Company Law, Evidence and Commercial Law, amongst others.

After the degree

Most of our Nigerian LLB students return home to Nigeria after graduating to qualify as lawyers and, ultimately, enter legal practice. In order to do so, Nigerian students who graduate with the Buckingham LLB must gain admission to the Nigerian Law School (Bar Parts I & II) and take the courses and examinations prescribed by the Council of Legal Education/Nigerian Law School in order to qualify for call to the Nigerian Bar.

The Buckingham LLB degree (Single Hons) meets the necessary entry requirements for admission to the Nigerian Law School. The Council of Legal Education/Nigerian Law School requires an applicant to have taken and passed the Law of Evidence and Commercial Law (which forms part of the Bar Part I courses in Nigeria), as part of his or her LLB programme. Since these subjects are offered as electives/options by Buckingham’s LLB (Single Honours), that additional requirement can be easily met. In addition, other compulsory courses needed to be admitted to the Bar Part 1 in Nigeria are: Constitutional Law, Land Law, Law of Contract, Equity and Trust, Law of Torts and Criminal Law. These are compulsory modules for Buckingham’s LLB degree (single Honours).

Nigerian students wishing to gain admission to the Nigerian Law School must also obtain a transcript, signed by the Registrar, and a completed Faculty Reference form, stamped and signed by the (Associate) Dean of Law: these must be sent to the Nigerian Law School when you make your formal application.

Nigerian applicants are advised to visit the websites of the Council of Legal Education and the Nigerian Law School to ensure they have up to date information on accreditation requirements.

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