Anna Mueller (LLB)

Anna MuellerMy decision to transfer to The University of Buckingham was truly a spontaneous one – and I don’t regret a single second of it.

After starting my International Business studies in the Netherlands in September 2018 and attending a student conference in Edinburgh in November 2019, I felt certain: business itself was not for me. I had always been fascinated by the legal aspects of running a business and how the law applies to international transactions. Thus, studying law not in Germany, where I was born, nor in the Netherlands, where I had spent the last year, but instead in the UK seemed like the best possible option to obtain a globally recognised degree.

The Law School of The University of Buckingham appealed to me because of the small tutorial groups, which I was used to from my previous studies. It was important to me to get the most out of the teaching process and having a maximum of six other students with me during tutorials meant that I would not only have to get my work done, but I also had a better chance of getting to know the lecturer – this would ensure that I stayed on top of my work and any shortfalls would be noticeable. Studying an unfamiliar legal system during the pandemic certainly was a challenge, but I enjoyed every second of it and the unique teaching style in combination with the lecturers’ support, is one of the reasons why I managed to obtain First Class Honours at the end of my studies.

Furthermore, as a student ambassador, I had the opportunity to work closely together with the Law School and simultaneously share my experience with prospective students during Open Days, Tasters, and when I led campus tours. I was also interviewed by MKFM radio to share my journey as a transfer student. Moreover, besides my academic achievements, I am particularly proud of reviving the Student Law Society of The University of Buckingham in October 2020 together with fellow students, to create a space for current and future law students.

I am extremely thankful to my lecturers and their ongoing support throughout the past two years. Not only did I manage to complete an accelerated law degree during a global pandemic, but I also matured as a person and finally found my passion. I highly recommend the LLB programmes to prospective students – do what inspires you and sometimes just take a chance. It may turn out even better than you anticipated.