Buckingham Institute for Translational Medicine


The Buckingham Institute for Translational Medicine is based within the Clore Laboratory and is an internationally recognised research group with a track record in drug discovery, including beta3-adrenoceptor agonists for obesity, orexin and MCH-antagonists, and the insulin sensitiser drug rosiglitazone.  The late Mike Cawthorne was awarded the 2001 Society for Medicines Research award for drug discovery in recognition of his work on the discovery of rosiglitazone.

Our focus is encompassed by 3 research themes, which highlight our combined basic research, drug discovery and clinical expertise.  The aim of our pre-clinical research is to inform drug development and enhance underlying biological understanding. As part of the University of Buckingham Medical School and our long-standing academic, clinical and pharmaceutical collaborations we are translating our key research themes into clinical studies and ultimately therapeutics.

  • Diabetes, Obesity and Metabolic Disease
  • Biomedical Informatics and Digital Health Technology

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