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Studying at the Buckingham Business School

Here at the Buckingham Business School, we always put you, our student, first. We pride ourselves in a personalised and small group teaching approach so you won’t get lost in a crowd. At the Buckingham Business School, you are a person, not a number.

Our degrees are tailored to give you a global, ‘real world’ perspective and are highly regarded throughout the world. We place a high emphasis on innovation in course design and believe strongly in stimulating an entrepreneurial mindset. Furthermore, several of our modules are accredited by professional bodies, giving you exemptions from their exams. We also ensure that the modules you take part in are up-to-date and deal with current topics such as artificial intelligence, sustainability, business ethics, global business, and big data analytics.

The lecturers in the Buckingham Business School also have decades of experience in industry. Indeed, a number of our lecturers have started and run their own businesses, with some still running a business alongside their academic work. That means you will get to hear about real-world business situations from your lecturers, as well as from the constant stream of visiting and guest lecturers who are from the business world. You will benefit from the wealth of practical, real-world business knowledge that is at the centre of what we teach.

We offer a number of exciting undergraduate degrees in:

At postgraduate level we offer:

What our students say

“Much of my undergraduate university experience was during lockdown. I still very much felt part of the student community (albeit, working remotely) and the teaching/support was excellent. Having gained a First-Class score in my BSc, I was given the opportunity to study a postgraduate MBA. I believe attaining both my undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in 3 years, has put me ahead of my peers in the graduate job search. This is a testament to the quality of teaching and support at the university, which has driven me to challenge myself and complete my academic journey.” – Tom

“The idea of getting a business degree in two years seemed extremely appealing and this is why I chose Buckingham University. The first few months were the hardest as I had no formal business education background. Instead of reaching out to the lecturers, I retreated into a shell and became disengaged and inactive. Thankfully my personal tutor noticed, reached out and offered extra support. As the months went by, the lecturers poured into me, and I gained more confidence and my grades improved significantly. Unfortunately, tragedy stroke my family and again the university showed up and supported me immensely. I will never forget the emotional supportive email another one of the wonderful lecturers sent to me when I told him what had happened. I believe most universities in the UK can provide students with quality education, but it takes a special kind of dedication and student-centred management to do what Buckingham University Business School did for me when my back was against the wall.” – Kiki

“Whilst I was initially sceptical about conducting my undergraduate studies in Business Management, the University of Buckingham has proved to be the perfect choice for me personally. I have thoroughly enjoyed all the modules which included a combination of stimulating group and individual assessments. Throughout my studies I, with all fellow students have been encouraged to work collaboratively as a team and have embedded ourselves in the diverse culture that forms an integral part of the University, which fosters a sense of community with a common purpose. The ability to complete my desired degree within two years and the smaller sized classes demonstrates Buckingham’s commitment to prioritise student learning. This in particular has transformed my personal development and provided me with the confidence to commit to undertaking a master’s degree at the University of Buckingham, which I would never have thought possible.” – Luke

National Student SurveyNational Student Survey (NSS) Results

The Buckingham Business School has repeatedly been highly rated by students in the annual, independent, National Student Survey (NSS). We have come in the Top 5 for several areas of the survey. We are joint first for “Academic Support” as well as for “Freedom of Expression”. In the NSS we are one of the most consistently highly rated business schools in the UK.

5 reasons to study at Buckingham Business School

  • We have a range of full-time undergraduate courses, with flexible entry points in September and January
  • Our accelerated 2-year honours degrees are equivalent to a 3-year honours degree elsewhere
  • Completion of our 2-year degree gives you the opportunity to enter the business world a year earlier than your peers
  • We allow you to build on the successes of your undergraduate degree by taking a Master’s and complete both levels of study in just 3 years
  • We have an excellent student:staff ratio enabling you to get the personal attention you may need

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