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Why study with us?

A US applicant wishing to join a Buckingham LLB programme does not have to have complete the LSAT, or indeed have a first degree. However, he or she may be required to take all or part of a Foundation programme, depending on age and educational experience.

After the degree

Each state of the United States operates its own requirements for entry to the local Bar and any US applicant considering taking a qualifying law degree England and Wales (QLD) should consult with his or her local bar about how it will be treated.

However, over the years, many holders of a Buckingham LLB (Single Honours) have successfully applied for the New York Bar. Although it can be completed in two years, the Buckingham LLB is recognised by the New York Bar as the equivalent of a D.Jur in the US. Holders only have to take the New York Bar Examinations which can be studied for in the UK or the US.

Although the New York Bar does not require applicants to have completed a first degree before taking the Buckingham LLB, most US applicants for Law programmes do already have a first degree. That means that they may qualify for our International Scholarship.

Buckingham is also signed up to the US Federal Loans Scheme and so US applicants may be able to apply for US student loans for their LLB studies.

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