Is Law for You?

When someone is thinking of applying to study Law, there are probably two principal areas of doubt and concern.

  1. Am I going to enjoy studying Law? Although some school leavers have taken A-level Law, most of those undertaking a Law degree have not studied it before university.
  2. In which ways will a Law degree help my career? Although many Law graduates do go into the legal professions (e.g. solicitor, barrister, judge), many do not, begging the question: what careers are they undertaking?

In order to see whether you will enjoy Law, we have compiled a short, not very serious, questionnaire that may help you to decide if Law is for you. Our Law Admissions team is on hand to answer any questions you may have about life at The University of Buckingham. If you want to test yourself, here is the link.

With regard to the career paths of Law graduates, though perhaps a sizeable minority go on to practise law in England and Wales, or indeed abroad (e.g. Nigeria or Canada), many Law graduates follow careers in management, finance or the civil service. Indeed, some end up as politicians e.g. Lady Thatcher, a former Chancellor of the University was a barrister.

To find out more about The University of Buckingham, why not visit us on an Open Day, or be a Law Student for a Day?

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