Accommodation Price List

Accommodation charges are based on weekly rates and are paid termly. Rooms are secured by paying for the first term upfront, within 10 days of being made a room offer. Remaining instalment dates will be specified on your accommodation invoice.

Please click here for details of termly costs if you are starting in September 2018 or January 2019.

HallNumber of rooms2018
Weekly rate
Weekly rate
Hunter Street
Nortons Place8£230.00£235.00Married accommodation
Hailsham House39£115.14£117.50Standard room
3£125.00£127.50Corner room
16£187.48£191.50Premium ensuite
3£192.42£196.50Large corner room ensuite
Hutber House20£110.82£113.50Quiet, standard room
Sunley House17£180.46£184.50Ensuite
4£183.58£187.50Ensuite with patio door
12£187.48£191.50Premium ensuite
6£187.78£192.00Premium ensuite with patio door
Bishops Court1£110.00£112.50Flat, quiet, very small
9£133.33£136.00Flat, quiet, smaller
17£139.76£143.00Flat, quiet, larger
6£162.75£165.05Flat, quiet, ensuite / private bathroom
Mitre Court22£148.12£151.50Flat
3£200.00£204.00Flat, self-contained
4£215.00£219.50Flat, self-contained, large
Beloff House66£156.24£159.50Ensuite
Verney Park
Caine House27£117.81£120.50Standard room
Paulley House42£117.81£120.50Standard room
Bateman House42£117.81£120.50Standard room
Harris House42£151.07£154.50Ensuite
25 London Road1£125.67£128.50House, smaller
3£134.86£138.00House, larger
Moreton Road
Moreton Road Houses20£184.52£188.50House, ensuite
16£159.64£163.00House, large
18£134.06£137.00House, medium
4£125.26£128.00House, small / medium
23£91.10£93.00House, small
Moreton Road Flats5£184.52£188.50Flat, ensuite
1£163.57£167.00Flat, large
11£137.37£140.50Flat, medium
4£93.35£95.50Flat, small


Prices are inclusive of utilities and wi-fi. All accommodation is self-catering.

All students have the opportunity to use the kitchen facilities as rents do not include meals. On each campus catering facilities are available. The Refectory is at the Hunter Street campus and there is a smaller coffee shop at Verney Park, both serving drinks and hot and cold food.

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