Mentoring Service

Our aim

To provide a student-centred, professional, accessible and present service

The mentoring team

The Mentor Team will be involved in the whole student experience, from Induction to Engagement in learning and University life, right through to successful completion and prevention of non-continuation.

Karen Webb, Lead Mentor

The Lead Mentor will oversee the mentor service whilst supporting the Faculty Mentors, in their faculties.

Faculty Mentors

The Faculty Mentors will be based within the faculty to ensure that they are visible and accessible to both students and faculty staff.

Mentoring services

Mentoring services provide individual bespoke signposting, support and intervention to enable students to develop strategies and tools to build resilience and problem-solving skills. This promotes independent learning and increased life skills. Students who work towards maintaining this positive balance are then able to manage their studies and achieve their full potential.

Students will set goals with their mentor, review them regularly and have support to remain focused on their outcomes.

Mentoring sessions

Mentoring sessions may include:

  • Managing and promoting wellbeing
  • Developing strategies that work for the student
  • Skills to manage any barriers to learning
  • Maintaining a work/life balance
  • Managing student and university expectations
  • Developing social skills
  • Signposting to other professional and local services
  • Creating a sense of belonging within the University environment
  • Facilitator- the mentor will work WITH the student but will not complete tasks for the student
  • Encourage personal and academic growth and resilience
  • Empowering students to take responsibility
  • Cultural awareness and differences
  • Independent learners/people
  • Develop life skills/problem-solving skills
  • Coping strategies/recalibrating when things don’t go to plan