Accommodation FAQs: Leaving University

How will I return my keys?

Before you are due to leave you will receive a letter with details about leaving. This will include the last day of your accommodation and instructions on returning your keys.

Why do you want a forwarding address?

A forwarding address is useful in case we need to contact you. The address given at the start of your University life may not be current.

I have exams close to my moving out date; I am not sure I will have enough time to pack

Leaver letters are sent out giving students plenty of time to plan and organise their departure. It is your responsibility to ensure that you allow plenty of time to remove all your belongings by the date given. It is an excellent time to tidy up and have a clear out of items you do not want to return home with. Charity stores and clothes recycling containers are available in town for those unwanted belongings.

I left my keys with a friend and now I have received a lock change charge

Returning your keys in the envelope provided, with the correct information in order to identify keys, is your responsibility. In the event that you are leaving out of hours it is acceptable to leave your keys either with Security in the envelope as described above or if available, placed into the letterbox allocated at the time of your departure. If the keys have not been returned the lock must be changed to provide security for the next student.

I forgot to take all my belongings from my room

Before you close and lock your door take a few minutes to double check the drawers, wardrobe and the back of your door. Unfortunately, any items left in the room are disposed of. We do not have a lost property storage for items left behind.

When will I receive my Bond refund?

Generally, this takes between 4-6 weeks. Each department provides information to the finance department that must be allocated before the bond is released. Please remember that the bond is refunded to the original account the money was paid from.

I do not understand why deductions have been taken from my Bond

Once you have left your room it is checked for damages against the Inventory you completed and returned at the start of your first term. Wear and tear is taken into consideration, however, excessive damage to property will incur a charge. Details of the deductions are sent to you. The University of Buckingham operates an appeals process that can be requested and acted upon if you receive charges that you feel are unfair.