Disability matters

Procedures for students with disabilities and/or specific learning difficulties (SpLD)

Application procedures

It is recommended that if you have a disability and / or specific learning difficulty SpLD, you indicate this on your application form.

The Learning Support / Disability Adviser will then send you a questionnaire in which you can give us more specific information. Candidates are advised, wherever possible, to visit the University for an informal interview. This enables you to see the campus and discuss your needs with the Learning Support / Disability Adviser.

Where this is not possible we strongly advise you to contact us by telephone or email for a detailed discussion. The University will endeavour to provide appropriate support for all levels of disability throughout your studies.

Help and support may include:

  • Special provision for examinations
  • Handouts and papers enlarged
  • Tape recorders for loan at home or in classes
  • Study skills courses specifically tailored to your needs
  • Adapted accommodation – fire alarm provision

It is strongly recommended that tutors and lecturers and all people associated with your learning are made aware of your difficulties.

Where appropriate outside agencies will be approached to assist.

Examination procedures

Students with SpLD are allowed extra time at examinations and occasionally other arrangements. We do require an up-to-date assessment of educational needs from an educational psychologist. If you do not have a current report, we can arrange a re-assessment for you at a competitive cost.

The Learning Support / Disability Adviser can make a preliminary assessment of needs free of charge. From this initial assessment, he may recommend the student to be formally assessed by an independent educational psychologist.

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