Student Accommodation

We’re excited to welcome you to Buckingham! To experience student life to the full, why not live on campus for your first year?


We have a wide variety of rooms to choose from and our accommodation is covered by the UUK Student Accommodation Code of Practice.


If you are a new student then perhaps you should consider choosing accommodation on the Hunter Street campus. We believe by doing so, it will enable you to make lifelong friends straight away and feel at home, right from the beginning, in the heart of our student community.

For our mature and Postgraduate students and for those of you who appreciate a quieter way of life, then our Moreton Road campus is the ideal place for you.  Our modern houses and flats will provide you with a comfortable home in which you’ll be able to both study and chill.

It is entirely up to you where you choose to live and we will always respect the room choices that you ask for.

Take a good look at what we have to offer you.  There are some 360 degree photographs that you will find very handy.

Don’t forget to read our terms and conditions – this is very important.


Apply now for accommodation

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During the application process, you will be asked for three preferences for where you would like to stay.  It goes without saying we will do our best to match your room offer to one of these choices.

You might also find it useful to see our pricing information.

If at any time you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

Hunter Street

The Hunter Street Campus is the central University site. This is where the main reception is based, as well as most administrative offices such as Student Fees, Accommodation and IT Services. The Hunter Street Library is situated on this site. The following departments are based on or near Hunter Street: Accounting, Business, Economics, Communications, Marketing, Journalism, Education, English, Languages, History, Life Sciences, Politics and International Studies.

Sunley House

2020 – From 187.10 per week

Nortons Place

Accommodation for couples
2020 – £237.08 per week

Mitre Court

2020 – from £154.10 per week

Hutber House

Basic accommodation
2020 – £115.58 per week

Hailsham House

Standard rooms – £121.14 per week
Ensuite rooms – £188.14 per week

Bishops Court

2020 – from £138.60 per week

Beloff House

2020 – £163.44 per week

Moreton Road

The Moreton Road Campus is the newest Campus, consisting of houses and flats on a residential housing estate. It is a 25 minute walk away from the Verney Park and Hunter Street Campuses, although the University offers a free mini-bus service during the week days.

Moreton Road Flats

Flat share
Standard rooms – small, medium, large
2020 – £97.58, £142.58, £169.08 per week
2020 – £190.58 per week

Moreton Road Houses

House share
Standard rooms – small, medium, large
2020 – £95.08, £139.08, £165.08 per week
2020 – £190.58 per week

Verney Park

The Verney Park Campus is situated just off the London Road. It is a 15 minute walk from the Hunter Street Campus. The Franciscan Library is based on this site. The following departments are based in Verney Park, in the Franciscan building: Applied Computing, Law and Psychology.

25 London Road

House share
2020 – from £131.10 per week

Paulley House

2020 – £124.14 per week

Harris House

2020- £158.14 per week

Caine House

Standard rooms
2020 – £124.14 per week

Bateman House

Standard rooms
2020 – £123.10 per week