Moreton Road Houses

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The photos show typical examples; not all the accommodation is identical.

This is our newest Accommodation Campus, situated within walking distance of Hunter Street and Verney Park. There are 16 houses shared by 4 students; 1 house shared by 5 and 1 house shared by 6.  Rooms vary in size.  The ensuite rooms and the large rooms have 4ft beds (small doubles).  There is one ensuite room per property; the remaining rooms share the family bathroom (located upstairs) and the downstairs cloakroom.  The kitchens are equipped with washing machines.  There is limited communal space in some properties.



Moreton RoadThe Moreton Road Campus

The Moreton Road Campus is situated 15 minutes walk from the Hunter Street Campus and 25 minutes walk from the Verney Park Campus. It is based in the centre of a brand new residential estate,  a short walk from the town centre. There are no teaching establishments on this site, it is purely accommodation.

General postcode: MK18 1FL

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