Hutber House

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Hutber House is made up of 20 basic standard rooms. Room numbers 1 – 8 are reserved for females, rooms 9 – 16 for males and rooms 17 – 20 are designated visitor accommodation.

Room descriptions


  • Room size – 9.6 m2
  • Included – single bed, mattress, curtains, desk, desk chair, desk light, wardrobe, shelves, pinboard, mini-cool, vacuum cleaner


There is one shower room per 4 students.


Rooms 1 – 8 share a kitchen, as do rooms 9 – 16.  These 1st-floor compact galley kitchens are fully fitted and feature a cooker, freezer, microwave, kettle & toaster.  Unfortunately, these kitchens are too small to include dining furniture.  The kitchen for rooms 17 – 20 is located on the ground floor and does include dining furniture.

All students have a lockable kitchen locker and are allocated a drawer in a freezer.


Hutber House is located on Hunter Street, where the main campus is located.  It is on the side of the road that runs through Hunter Street; this is not a busy road but there may occasionally be some traffic noise.


All of our accommodation prices are inclusive of bills and WiFi.

How to apply for accommodation

Details can be found on our apply for accommodation page.