School of Business

The world of business is constantly changing. It has become more global, more entrepreneurial and more concerned with the environment. The Business School at Buckingham is small and flexible enough to keep pace with such change.

School of Computing

You are entering into a close-knit environment where different cultures unite under one roof with the same goal in mind. At Buckingham, we emphasize excellence in teaching and research with our unique small group teaching methods, the personal tutor system, weekly supervision of research students and open door policy.

School of Education

With over 1000 teachers and school leaders studying with us, our primary aim in all of our courses is to improve teaching and leadership in schools. The frameworks and assessments for each course weave into school teachers’ day-to-day work lives, so that study and practice are relevant to their role and aspirations.

Foundation Department

Foundation courses can bridge the gap between your current qualifications and the knowledge and skills required for the undergraduate programme you want to do. Even if you have not yet achieved the necessary academic qualifications, or your English language is not yet at the required standard, the Foundation Department will help you to identify your needs and direct you towards the programme that is tailored to your needs.

School of Humanities and Social Sciences

Our student to staff ratio puts Humanities and Social Sciences in the top 5 faculties in the country. Nationally- and internationally-recognised academics and dedicated teachers work with students within a personalised tutorial teaching system that sets the highest academic standards.

School of Law

Our small group tutorials allow your teachers to know you personally and offer you maximum academic support. That and the rigorous nature of our two-year undergraduate LLBs have helped the School to achieve its remarkable employability record.

School of Medicine

Medicine today poses considerable challenges. Ageing populations, innovative technology and a far more consumerist approach to healthcare in all societies are changing the educational requirements for doctors globally. We are creating novel courses to meet the demands of the new age by giving our students the ability to be more effective throughout their careers.

School of Postgraduate Medicine and Allied Health

The School of Postgraduate Medicine and Allied Health will be a hub for professional healthcare and medicine courses which will include Podiatric Medicine, Biomedical Sciences, CPD health courses and a range of Postgraduate Medicine programmes which include Masters in Medicine and in Surgery.

School of Psychology

Psychology is the study of human behaviour and mental processes. Psychology scientifically investigates how thoughts, feelings and motivations influence how people act and interact with others.