Moreton Road Flats

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The photos show typical examples; not all the accommodation is identical.

This accommodation is situated within walking distance of Hunter Street and Verney Park.

There are 7 flats.  6 of the flats are situated in ‘Gregory House’ and the 7th flat can be found next door.  Each flat has 3 bedrooms which vary in size.

Typically, there is 1 ensuite room per flat.  The other 2 rooms share a family bathroom.

There is very limited ‘communal’ space and not all kitchens are big enough to accommodate dining facilities.  There are washing machines in the kitchens.

  • All prices are inclusive of wi-fi and bills.
  • Domestic Services visit the flats Monday to Friday.
  • All accommodation at Moreton Road is designated quiet.
  • Although there are no allocated car parking spaces, you can park your car on the road, as long as it does not cause an obstruction.

Ensuite rooms (5) – These are a generous size and have 4ft beds.

2019 weekly rate – £188.50

2020 weekly rate – £190.58

Large room (1) – This room is a generous size and has its own flight of stairs within the flat.  There is a 4ft bed in this room.

2019 weekly rate – £167.00

2020 weekly rate – £169.08

Medium room (11) – These are a standard size.

2019 weekly rate – £140.50

2020 weekly rate – £142.58

Small ‘Supersaver’ room (4) – These ‘box’ rooms are very, very small.

2019 weekly rate – £95.50

2020 weekly rate – £97.58


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