Beloff House

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Beloff House is located on the Hunter Street campus and is next to the Tanlaw Mill where the bar, restaurant and Students Union is based. It is self-catering accommodation.


There are 66 ensuite bedrooms. All of the rooms feature a small mini-fridge and vacuum cleaner.


The main kitchens are located on the ground floor and are fully equipped with cookers, microwaves, toasters and kettles. There are mini-kitchens located on the 1st and 2nd floors which are ideal for making a quick snack. Each resident has their own kitchen locker and their own designated freezer drawer. Students need to bring their own towels, pots and pans, crockery and knives and forks. Please remember to bring your own bedding, to fit a single bed.

Cleaning and housekeeping

The communal areas are cleaned daily Monday to Friday (excluding Bank Holidays). To assist the cleaning staff you are asked to wash up after yourselves.

Laundry facilities

The nearest laundrette is in Hailsham House. There is a large car park very close by.


All of our accommodation prices are inclusive of bills and WiFi.

How to apply for accommodation

Details can be found on our apply for accommodation page.