Sheida Azari (LLB 2015)

I heard about The University of Buckingham and its law programme in 2013 through an alumna who had qualified as a lawyer in Toronto, Canada. At that time, I had just finished a Bachelor of Arts degree, was employed as a legal assistant at a law firm in Toronto, and was considering applying to law school to further my legal career.

When researching various law schools in Canada and beyond, the accelerated two-year LLB programme at The University of Buckingham stood out to me. Not only did the accelerated programme appeal to me as a mature student, but it also presented an opportunity to improve critical legal skills, such as time management, in addition to various academic skills, which have proved to be essential in my legal career. Having developed these skills early in my legal education, I was able to secure a position in Toronto and employ these skills in my daily career to allow me to strike a healthy work-life balance.

The LLB programme offers various extracurricular activities designed to assist students with developing soft and social skills relevant to a career in law. I took advantage of the numerous events hosted by The University of Buckingham to expand my professional and social networks. Additionally, I participated in The University of Buckingham’s negotiation competition, in which I competed with law students from other universities. As a regional winner of the negotiation competition, I was awarded a course in Advanced Negotiation Skills at the Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution.

Upon graduating in December 2015, I immediately started working at a law firm in Toronto, Canada, where I went on to article once I completed my Certificate of Qualification. Currently, I am an Associate at Friedman Law, with my practice focusing on Commercial Real Estate and Corporate Law.

I truly enjoyed my time at The University of Buckingham and certainly acquired an invaluable set of skills, both academic and professional. I am grateful to the supportive and encouraging staff at the law school.