Isaac Beasley (LLB and LLM)

Portrait photograph of Isaac BeasleyI could not have chosen a better path. The University of Buckingham has been the best place I could ever want to do my LLB, and then my LLM. I initially enrolled to complete only my LLB at The University of Buckingham, purely on the basis it was two years rather than three. However, I quickly found out that the Law School was much more than an accelerated law degree. The support I was provided with was nothing but exceptional. I was treated as a person and all my needs were met; from access, to 1-2-1 meetings with lecturers, or the hugely beneficial small-group learning in my tutorial groups. If it was not for the incredible support and motivation I got from my lecturers and the rest of the law school, I would not be where I am today.

Currently, I am coming to the end of my LLM in International and Commercial Law, something my younger self could never have believed. It was indeed the support and confidence my lecturers and personal tutor gave me that convinced me to stay on and enrol for a Master’s. Throughout my LLM I have been able to hugely develop my legal skills, along with my personal skills, and it is with the continued support I am now ready to take on the working world with a LLB and an LLM.

During my time at The University of Buckingham I lived off campus, however to benefit from the full opportunities at the university I lived in a flat in the market town of Buckingham. By doing so, I had the opportunity to take advantage of the resources the university has to offer, such as the Vinson building and ADR when having to work late, as well as the newly refurbished libraries. In addition to academic resources and facilities, it allowed me to be able to have many memorable moments when I was not working, either in the lovely local town pubs and restaurants, or the university’s very own Student’s Union, the OTM. Within the OTM I experienced great parties led by the Student’s Union along with consistent activities hosted by different societies, allowing me to create a brilliant work-life balance and have so many fond memories.

It is with these social skills I have developed through running society actives, as well as those skills I learned in the Law School, that I am hoping to achieve a career within the financial sector in London, in order to utilise my unique skills and amazing education that the university has helped me achieve.