Enyi Uchenna-Emezue (LLB 2013)

University of Buckingham - Law Alumni - Success StoriesAs a Nigerian, when I decided to study for a law degree in the United Kingdom, I wanted a University where I would get great tuition along with a good experience of living in the UK. After doing my research, Buckingham emerged as the best place. I was particularly attracted by the staff-student ratio and the prospect of completing my LLB degree in two years. I’m glad I made the choice that I did because my time in Buckingham definitely ranks as some of the most memorable years of my life. I found the lecturers in the Law School erudite and passionate about their subjects, and this made tutorials very stimulating. The international diversity in the small student community made the experience a great opportunity for global networking, and for building lifelong friendships.

During my time at Buckingham Law School, I was actively involved in the Law Society, serving in different capacities, and ultimately as President before my graduation. I also volunteered at a local charity -‘Project Street Life’ – as well as being a member of the Poetry Society and the University Mooting Team. I also served as the Editor-In-Chief of the seminal edition of the Buckingham Student Law Review. Participating in all these extracurricular activities gave me the opportunity to have fun while harnessing my leadership and organizational abilities.

In my work presently as a lawyer in Lagos, Nigeria, I have found the knowledge, professional skills, and soft skills I acquired over the period of my stay in Buckingham to be extremely valuable. The marketplace today is very competitive and employers are not interested in candidates who only demonstrate academic competence, but candidates who can show that they are fully rounded individuals and professionals. I believe Buckingham provided the perfect environment and support system for my development, and this has set me on a very rewarding career trajectory.