Payment Methods

Tuition fees payment methods are debit or credit card or Bank Transfer, before or on the day of registration. Please note we cannot accept American Express.

You are required to pay the “non-returnable Tuition Deposit and your first months fee, before or at registration. The University reserves the right to refuse to register students without the required payment, in cleared funds. Please note we do not accept cash or cheques at any time. You can pay with credit or debit card on Registration day.

For Students with confirmation of a Student Finance England Tuition Loan, we are happy to deduct one quarter of the tuition fee loan if you bring original documents to registration confirming the award or the University has received confirmation direct from the Student Loan Company.

The remainder must be paid in full, on or before the date of registration. You should not rely on maintenance loans to meet the shortfall in your tuition fees: you will not receive these funds until after you have registered. Visit the University’s Grants and Loans information for more information about eligibility for financial assistance.

Payments online

Tuition fees and Accommodation fees payments may be made via our Online Payment Portal.

  • Credit or Debit card – payments can be made directly to the University by credit or debit card. We accept Visa or Mastercard but not American Express.

Payment by direct transfer

For speed of clearance and simplicity, we prefer all payments to be made by direct transfer to the University’s bank account. Please contact for bank account details.

To assist us in crediting the correct account, the application number and student’s family name (in that order) should be the reference entered in “payment details (information for the beneficiary)”

Payment by cash

For reasons of security of students and staff, and of insurance, the Student Fees Office does not accept payment in cash.

If you are considering bringing cash into the UK, please be aware that amounts over £10,000 in cash are required by law to be accompanied by documentation demonstrating their legitimate origin. For more information please visit: